Everything You Need To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays Like A Kardashian — Bible!

During "A Very Kardashian Holiday," Keeping Up With The Kardashians' season 14 holiday special, Kim had it out with her mom Kris and sister Kourtney while shopping for holiday decorations. In a testimonial from the episode, the KKW Beauty mogul explained, seriously, "I have warned everyone that I will come for them if they even dare try to copy anything that I'm doing this holiday season." Well, sorry Kim, but this year, that's exactly what we're doing.

Since various members of the KarJen clan have been known to drop $5,000 on a single flower arrangement, we definitely can't afford to copy their holiday decorations precisely. Given that track-record for celebratory spending, we'd likely have to drop well over $100,000 on just one tree, and that's just not in our budgets — this year, anyway. Still, we can take some tips from the reality TV stars on how to deck our halls for the season and perhaps, even compete with our own family for best holiday decor.


Ahead, we've compiled several different holiday decor looks the Kardashians have used in their homes throughout past few years and curated pieces that will help us recreate the aesthetics on your own trees, mantles, and dinner tables this holiday season. Hopefully, Kim will be more tolerant of holiday season copycatting if it comes from someone outside of her immediate family.

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Trees and Ornaments

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Earlier this week, Khloé Kardashian shared the first look at her 2019 holiday decorations. In an Instagram caption, she explained that Jeff Leatham, the florist responsible for most of the family's holiday decor and all of their extravagant floral arrangements surprised her daughter True with a small pink tree.
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The pink Chrismas tree trend has been popular for a while now so they're easy to find even if you don't have a celebrity florist decorating your home for the holidays.
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While pink trees have definitely been done, Leatham took True's look to the next level by adding a fluffy pink tree skirt. Recreate the look by getting a faux fur tree skirt for yourself.
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In 2017, as she was expecting baby girl Stormi, Kylie Jenner also opted for a pink-themed Christmas tree designed by Leatham.
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To recreate this Leatham creation on a smaller scale — not all of us have space for a tree that large — look for light pink or rose gold ornaments in a variety of textures and finishes.
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Continue the soft aesthetic by pairing the pink ornaments with large white lights. During a past holiday season, Khloé Kardashian admitted on her app, "I prefer to only use white lights on my trees," and that seems to be the rest of the family's preference as well.
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Place the decor on a faux snow-coated tree, and you've got a winter wonderland worthy of Stormi Webster's coming.
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In 2016, Kourtney Kardashian had at least five individual Christmas trees in her home. Leatham and his team set up two main trees in Kardashian's entryway and one in each of her kid's bedrooms, which they were allowed to decorate however they wanted, according to Kortney's app. This small tree was in her youngest child Reign's room, and it featured a cute animal theme.
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Though the idea for this Christmas tree's decor came from a two-year-old, hand-knitted ornaments are a thoughtful addition to anyone's tree. Etsy has plenty of options, especially in the animal genre.
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Place your favorite knit animal ornaments on a small, rustic tree to achieve the same precious effect the Kardashian-Disicks chose in 2016.
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In a 2016 video for Architectural Digest, Kris Jenner and Jeff Leatham gave viewers a close-up look at the Christmas decorations they had chosen for the matriarch's home that year. In the clip, Jenner explains that, for her tree, she simply told Leatham, "I want to do something with candy" and he ran with it.
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To turn your Christmas tree into a winter candy land, choose red and white balls in a variety of patterns.
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Then, mix in more literal interpretations of candy ornaments like peppermint globes
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...and swirled lollipops.
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In 2016, Kylie Jenner posted a photo on Snapchat of all the KarJen stockings laid out on Christmas morning. The image stands out in our memories not only because Tyga had his own personalized stocking, despite not being an official member of the family, but also because the stockings were so precisely and beautifully adorned with festive scenes created by needlepoint.
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If you're looking to give your family members some seriously special treatment for the holidays this year, personalized needlepoint stockings are a nice way to do that. Plenty of Etsy makers are taking orders right now. If Kris Jenner thought Tyga deserved one, your closest relatives have likely earned this honor.
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In 2016, in what was quite a departure from the decor tactic they used on the rest of the house, Kris and Jeff Leatham wanted to keep the decorations in the Momager's all-white living room clean and simple. So, they hung up huge, fuzzy, white stocking on her mantle.
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We're not sure if those fuzzy stockings were made of real fur — however, fairly inexpensive faux fur copycats are available out there.
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Stand-Alone Pieces

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In 2017, Khloé Kardashian wrote on her app, "I love reindeer in all variations," and based on Snapchat photos from the past few years, she has a large collection of white, gold, metallic, and wooden ones in all shapes and sizes.
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Form your own little herd of reindeer by collecting different kinds like this little wooden one and grouping them together throughout your home. We can't wait to see if Khloé has collected any light pink ones for baby True's new nursery.
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Each Christmas, the front doors of Kris Jenner's mansion are flanked by several giant nutcrackers that look like celebrator bouncers.
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In case you don't have two massive front doors, opt instead for a pair of smaller but equally as chic nutcrackers. These two little guys would be right at home in the hallway of your apartment building.
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Table Settings

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In 2016, Kris Jenner and Jeff Leatham went with plaid for Jenner's dining room table, which she kept on holiday-theme all month long. The pair also chose snowman plates, which stood out among all the red.
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Kris explained in the Architectural Digest video that she likes plaid for the holiday because it's "very traditional and it reminds me of being in the mountains. It's very Tommy Hilfiger or Ralph Lauren. You know, that kind of a feel." To get that same traditional, rustic "kind of a feel," however you don't have to choose placemats with designers labels. Inexpensive plaid placemats are easy to find.
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And, many of them even come with matching napkins.
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While most of the items on this list as less-expensive or smaller versions of the pieces the KarJens have chosen to decorate their homes with for the holidays over the years, the actual snowman plates that Kris chose to serve her 2016 Christmas dinner on are available at Williams Sonoma and they're currently on sale.
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While most of us can't justify spending $12,800.00 one of Kris Jenner's beloved golden Mood Cutlery Egg by Christofle, we can find affordable versions of her other gold table accents. Gorgeous looping napkin rings will add a pop of gold to your holiday dinner table without costing several months rent.
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Way back in 2015, Kylie Jenner hosted her first Christmas dinner at her very own house with friends. To match the silver Christmas tree ornaments Jeff Leatham had chosen for her that year, her table was set with silver accents nestled among fake snow.
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The centerpiece of Jenner's 2016 Christmas dinner table was an elegant silver branched candle holder. Versions of the statement piece are available for your own table.
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To arrange a twinkling silver holiday dinner table, add other silver accents like these silver-rimmed glasses, and voila. You might copy the aesthetic so perfectly that Jordyn Woods will stop by to relive her bestie's first-ever Christmas dinner.
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