Bad News: Jennifer Lawrence Is An Obnoxious Eagles Fan

Photo: Samir Hussein/WireImage.

Jennifer Lawrence paraded her Eagles fandom along a flight last night, much to the dismay of her fellow passengers. As per Huffington Post, Lawrence grabbed the mic on a flight to LAX Sunday evening to celebrate the win of the Philadelphia Eagles.

"Can I please get a ‘Fly, Eagles, fly’? Fly, Eagles, fly! Fly, Eagles, fly!" she said, asking the flight to join the chant. After a half-hearted chant, Lawrence then launches into a quote from Bridesmaids.

"There's a colonial woman on the plane," she says before a flight attendant interrupts her. (Watch the video, below.)

It's all in line with the Lawrence narrative: She's brash, she's candid, she's not afraid to take over the PA system on a night flight! The mother! actress recently spoke about acting like an "asshole" to fans in public, explaining that it's merely a defense mechanism, but this time around the big Eagles win clearly got her excited.

Seeing as Lawrence is from Kentucky, she's maybe a fan due to her role in Silver Linings Playbook, a Philly-centric movie in which Robert de Niro played an Eagles-obsessed father and Bradley Cooper played an equally fanatic super fan. Speaking of Cooper, the cameras kept panning back to his hilarious reactions after every Eagles touchdown. It's only a matter of time before they become the internet's favorite new meme.

Super fan or not, it's definitely a faux pas to use the flight PA system if you're a passenger — even if you're Lawrence. Some of the passengers joined in Lawrence's celebration, standing in the aisles and flapping their arms with the chant, but, if you watch the video, a good number in the front row look just plain annoyed. JLaw, let the people sleep/do crosswords/listen to podcasts!

But then again, the Eagles defeated the Patriots. That's a cause worth celebrating, no matter where you are.

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