Everything You Love About Red Wine Is Now Available In Hair Products

Sometimes, on quiet evenings, after spending 15 minutes nestled between a subway pole and someone's armpit contemplating what I'm doing with my life, I like to take a moment and count my blessings. Like how last week, the inconspicuous man smelling of egg salad and P90X decided to sit on the opposite side of the train, or that I discovered a long string of red hair in my quinoa bowl before eating the whole thing. But, perhaps even more so, I like to thank all that is holy for red wine.


Even if I didn't choose to believe the research that shows a glass of cabernet sauvignon a day is good for your heart and will increase your life expectancy to 106 (I do), there is still scientific evidence that proves my drink of choice is loaded with antioxidant-rich resveratrol, known for fighting the free radicals that contribute to skin's fine lines and wrinkles. It's also made from grapes, which, in oil form, boasts the kind of vitamins and omegas that have quite the hydrating reputation. So, when I found out that beauty brand HASK was releasing a full line of wine-inspired hair products with those same good-for-you properties, it felt very spot-on with my core values.

Like any wine store worth its weight in alcohol, HASK offers a plethora of varietals — only they come by way of leave-in sprays and deep conditioner packets. In the former category, you'll find three sprays (rosé, red wine, and white wine) in bottles that look nearly identical to the 750 ml ones I have at home. Then you've got hair masks inspired by Provence rosé, brut rosé, pinot noir, sauvignon blanc, pinot grigio, and, my favorite, cabernet sauvignon.

Despite the fact that the cab deep conditioning packet looks more like a bag of Franzia than anything, its cherry extract, grapeseed oil, and resveratrol made my hair softer than any night of drinking ever has, even after one five-minute treatment. It might not have the same "nose" as your average full-bodied red, but it did leave my head smelling like those cherry Flintstone vitamins I used to hoard when I was a kid. And like a heavy pour of vino — you won't want the whole experience to end. (Of course, all good things do: a single packet lasted me four uses.)

The red-inspired leave-in spray had a similarly delicious scent, and detangled like a dream, but I'd be lying if I said used it for anything more than heat protection. Not everything can be as magical as red wine forties, but, for my hair, it'll do.


HASK Unwined Cabernet Sauvignon-Inspired Repair & Strengthen Deep Conditioner Packette, $3.99; Unwined Red Wine-Inspired Repairing 10-in-1 Leave-In Spray, $8.99, both exclusively available at Ulta Beauty.

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