11 Cool Girl Hairstyles For Literally EVERY Occasion

There's no better time to try a new hair look than during the holidays. Whether it's taking the plunge with one of the rich, coppery hues of autumn's "fallayage" trend, or just accentuating your locks with a few seriously-extra hairpins, 'tis the season for showing off (and heavily documenting on Instagram) something special or new.

In the spirit of spending more time sipping boozy stocking stuffers than searching for inspiration online, we're recapping the nine easiest-to-copy party looks perfect for every holiday occasion, texture, and length. Press play ahead to see the all the romantic braids, sleek blow outs, and effortless updos we'll be wearing well into 2018 — even after the ball drops.

The Half-Up Updo
Great for medium-length and long hair, this voluminous style is both glam and approachable. Start with straight or wavy hair, whether from a blowout or air-drying.

Step 1: Prep dry hair with texture spray, curl the top layer of hair and set into pin curls to cool, then barrel curl the remaining hair.
Step 2: Create a braid along your hairline and secure with a pin or small elastic.
Step 3: Tease the hair at your crown before smoothing back into a half-up style.
Step 4: Artfully pin the braid back into the rest of the hair however you like.
Step 5: Finish with hairspray.
The Side Bow
Ribbons are having a major moment right now, which means it's the perfect time to elevate your holiday look with a simple bow. This look holds best on short to medium-length curly, thick, and textured hair, but those with straight and wavy locks can try it too — just add bends or curls and grit to hair first with a curling iron and volume spray.

Step 1. Flip your head over and French braid the bottom half of hair until you reach your crown.
Step 2: Smooth the front section of hair on one side, then pin over the top of the braid, allowing the lengths to fall to the opposite side.
Step 3. Artfully add a bow to cover the pins and set with hairspray, if needed.
The Smooth Operator
Perfect for textured hair and shorter cuts of all types, this slick, wet-hair effect was a top red carpet trend this year. This looks is great for everyone, but thick, curly hair will need to be smoothed out before beginning.

Step 1: Create a deep side part and pin hair in place to preserve it while you style.
Step 2: Spray hair with hairspray, gel, or a mixture, then brush hair on either side until smooth. Remove pins as you brush.
Step 3: Carefully cover head with a fishnet head wrap or hairnet — or trim a pair of fishnets and secure over hair. Again, be careful not to disturb your style.
Step 4: Diffuse with hot air (3 minutes) and then cool air (2 minutes) to seal hair in place.
Step 5: Carefully remove the head wrap.
The Polished Blow Out
A sleek, straight blowout can be wonderfully impactful for those who normally air-dry their locks. Save yourself some money and do it yourself.

Step 1: Prep wet hair with a heat protecting formula suited for your texture.
Step 2: Next, massage a cream or oil through hair for extra softness.
Step 3: Blow-dry section by section, following the video here for guidance. This will take some time, depending on you hair density, so feel free to rewet hair if it dries before you get to it.
Step 4: Create a deep side part and pin hair behind your ear for a glam finish.
Big '70s Waves
There's a reason why bouncy waves never go out of style: They work for every occasion and instantly make you feel polished. This look is best on mid- to long-lengths but is great on all textures, just smooth out curly hair before beginning.

Step 1: Detangle dry hair with a brush or comb.
Step 2: Curl one-inch sections of hair with a small curling iron and pin into place to cool. You can do in the same direction for polished waves, or alternate for a more casual, messy look.
Step 3: Mist with hairspray, let hair fully cool, then carefully remove the pins.
Step 4: Comb or lightly brush hair to break up the curls, then backcomb (like you see here) until you reach your desired volume.
The Gigi Updo
Can't decide whether to wrangle your hair into a tight topknot or rock some waves? Compromise with a look inspired by Gigi Hadid's futuristic updo at the MET Gala this year. Bonus: It works on every texture and can be done fast. (Like, work bathroom before the party, fast!)

Step 1: Brush hair to detangle.
Step 2: Create a high bun, leaving a section of hair out in the front.
Step 3: Use a curing iron to create or define bends, waves, or curls that are flattering to your face with the leftover hair.
Step 4: Set with hairspray.
Curls & Cornrows
This heat-free (no damage!), cornrowed look is perfect for textured and curly hair of all lengths and will last through numerous holiday parties. Translation: It's a win-win.

Step 1. Define the lengths of hair using a curl cream or gel suited for your texture.
Step 2. Begin braiding the hair above one ear into a tight cornrow that's angled straight back. Secure with a small elastic.
Step 3. Repeat twice, making sure the braids are even in size and tightness for a sleek finish.
Step 4: Flip the rest of hair to the opposite side for a rad, '90s-inspired finish.
The Heat-Free Updo
Ideal for those with long hair that are avoiding heat styling (no damage here, folks!), this looks works for every texture and gives a sleek topknot added interest.

Step 1: Start with detangled hair that's been parted in the middle.
Step 2: Create two sections by parting hair over the crown from ear to ear.
Step 3: Pull the back section of hair into a high ponytail and twist it into a bun. Pin in place.
Step 4: Smooth the front sections with styling paste or cream, then slick back edges with control paste or gel.
Step 5: Cornrow each section from the ear to part, then wrap it around the base of the bun and pin into place.
Step 6: Set with hairspray.
The Knotted Pony
We turn to celeb hairstylist Kristin Ess using her namesake line for our final three looks. This knotted pony works on every texture, but is easiest to pull off on longer locks.

Step 1: Define your texture with a curling iron that's the same size as your curl or wave pattern. Or, if you have straight hair, make soft ringlets with a large barrel iron.
Step 2: Create three sections with the majority of the hair in the center.
Step 3: Apply styling powder to the roots and tease for more volume, if needed.
Step 4: Tie the middle section into a low ponytail.
Step 5: Knot the two side sections above the pony to hide the hair elastic.
Step 6: Tuck and pin the ends into the knot, below the pony.
Step 7: Finish the look off with mist of texture or hairspray.

The Double (Up)do
Perfect for all lengths except super short, this messy updo delivers a definitive answer to one of the holiday season's biggest questions: Why have one bun when you could have two? Note that this look works best on fine to medium-weight hair. (Super thick hair might be difficult to secure, so try adding a third bun, if needed!)

Step 1: Apply styling powder to the crown of your head, combing it through your hair with your fingers to distribute.
Step 2: Curl large sections of the hair to enhance texture.
Step 3: Part your hair into top and bottom sections, like you see in the video here.
Step 4: Leave two pieces out in the front — you'll want those to frame your face.
Step 5: Tie each section into a ponytail.
Step 6: Apply texture powder for more volume, if needed.
Step 7: Twist and pin the lower ponytail into a bun. Repeat on the top one as well, sealing both with hairspray.

The Half-Up Adornment
The easiest way to achieve peak December glam? Let a hair comb do the work. This look works on every texture and length.

Step 1: Use a thickening spray or styling cream to add definition and smooth any frizz, then create a center part.
Step 2: Twist and pin a section of hair from each side back to create a half-up effect. The thicker your hair, the less you need to grab — just make sure you leave a few face-framing pieces loose.
Step 3: Insert your hair pin or comb so any detail is hanging down, then cover the top of the comb, if needed.

Kristen Ess Working Texture Spray, $14.00, available at Target; Kristen Ess Working Texture Loose Styling Powder, $10.00, available at Target.
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