Demi Moore's Daughter Is A Redhead Now — & Looks SO Different

We all know Demi Moore as one of the most beautiful and iconic actresses in Hollywood. Her eternally-radiant complexion and badass resume aside, the 54-year-old has a recognizable beauty trait that's been a signature through her career: her long, jet-black hair.

As expected when your mother is Demi Moore, Rumer Willis — the eldest daughter of Moore and Bruce Willis — has followed suit. That is, until yesterday. The Empire actress made a major hair change, going from Snow White black to a rich, deep red that's giving us hygee-inspired fall vibes.

It seems that Willis took her color inspiration from Poison Ivy, the crimson-haired Batman super villain. How do we know? She posted a selfie of her new 'do to Instagram and captioned her photo with the lyrics from The Rolling Stone’s infamous song of the same name. “She comes on like a rose, and everybody knows, she’ll get you in dutch. You can look, but you better not touch. Poison ivy, poison ivy, well late at night when you’re sleeping, Poison 🌿 Ivy comes creeping around,” she posted. It's rock n' roll grit, plus all kinds of eerie — and we're so here for it.


Unsurprisingly, going from charcoal black to purple-tinged red took some work. Willis' colorist, Christopher Pierce, reposted the selfie to his own Instagram page, explaining how he and his team went from raven to candy apple color. "Black to red. Color remover, bleach, and more bleach," he captioned his photo.

Although we can appreciate the star sticking to her roots in the past, we're loving the badass red. We have a feeling we know what she's going to be for Halloween...

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