Rapper Loyle Carner Stopped A Show To Kick Out A Sexist Fan

British rapper Loyle Carner won't tolerate sexism at his concerts and he ordered a male fan to leave the venue after he shouted sexist comments at Carner's opening act, Elisa Imperilee.

"With the black hat, you," Carner said to the fan near the stage. "You got to go. If you're being sexist, you got to go." Concertgoers recorded the incident and it quickly went viral on social media, where people are applauding Carner for refusing to stand by as a woman was verbally harassed.

"My guy @LoyleCarner getting sexist dickheads removed from the gig! Best start to a show I've ever seen hands down, see you later bro," one fan tweeted.

Immediately after the show, Carner took to Twitter to address the matter. "That shit will not be tolerated at any show. He's been banned from that venue, for life," he wrote.

Imperilee also took to social media to thank Carner and the audience for their support.

"The burden to call out and challenge discriminatory behaviour is nearly always placed on the person facing it and it's completely unrealistic that they will always be in a position to. As support act I decided to not let it effect our performance or takeaway from the amazing opportunity by ignoring the comment. That's why what @loylecarner did last night was so important," she wrote on Instagram.

"It sends a strong message that not only is sexist behaviour totally unacceptable but that all of us, including men and particularly those in a position of influence, have an important role to play in challenging and addressing sexism, prejudice and discrimination wherever we see it," Imperilee continued. "The audience came together and collectively condemned the behaviour by identifying the man and I was very impressed with UEAs rigorous zero tolerance sexual harassment policy. It just goes to show how effective it can be when we all work together to challenge misogyny and discrimination in all it's forms. πŸ’ͺπŸ™ŒπŸ‘Š"

We can't successfully fight sexism if only one half of the population is engaged, and that's why Carner's actions are so important. He used his position of power to make clear that it's unacceptable to disrespect women and showed men everywhere what it looks like to be an ally.

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