Grab Bae & Get Ready For These Perfect TV Couples Costumes

Halloween is fast approaching, and you know what that means: it's time to start pondering your costume options. And if you're hoping to complete a couples costume that means double the work and shopping, so the clock is seriously ticking. If you and your partner turn to movies for inspiration, you'll simply have to choose between a wide array of Spandex and capes, because all Hollywood is essentially allowed to make these days are superhero movies. So would you like Wonder Woman (Gal Gadot) and Steve Trevor (Chris Pine) or Spider-Man (Tom Holland) and Michelle, a.k.a. "M.J." (Zendaya)?

Television, on the other hand, couldn't have more to offer you when it comes to couples costume inspiration. There are serious dramas like Handmaid's Tale and Westworld to whet your appetite if you're looking for some serious Halloween artistry, along with a host of Riverdale pairings to help you put the "pop" in pop culture costume.

To help you figure out which TV-inspired couples costume is right for you, we picked out some of our own favorites. Keep reading to see which one you'll want to sport come October 31. You should probably start scouting the perfect place to put that Best Couple's Costume award now.

Caputo & Fig Of Orange Is The New Black

Orange Is The New Black season 6 might be dark, but one of the few bright bright spots of the season is the seemingly settled relationship between Joe Caputo (Nick Sandow) and Natalie “Fig” Figueroa (Alysia Reiner). By the end of OITNB’s 2018 run, Fig leaves an important event to care for a freshly beaten-up Caputo. Sweet!

For Fig, you’ll need a power suit, big hair, some hoop earrings, and a facial expression that says “Everyone around me is an idiot.” And, Caputo literally only wears rumpled suits, so put on one of those. To really drive the Caputo vibes home, remember to grow or buy his very specific mustache situation.
Alyssa & James Of The End Of The F****ing World

Hello and welcome to the latest reminder Netflix's TEOTFW is one of the best new shows of 2018. That is why it got a surprise season 2.

Show your respect for this delightful streaming gem by going as its perfect lead characters: Alyssa (Jessica Barden) and James (Alex Lawther). For Alyssa, you'll need a floral dress, ash blonde wig, and a brown leather jacket that looks like it could belong to someone's dad. For James, you'll need a Hawaiian shirt and slightly too-tight acid-wash jeans.
Khloé Kardashian & Tristan Thompson Of Keeping Up With The Kardashians

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West have been a tried and true Halloween couples costume since they got together circa 2012. But, it's time to give Kim's little sister Khloé the holiday spotlight for once. Koko's new relationship has been consistent fodder for KUWTK season 14, after all.

To get your Khlostan on, one half of the couple needs to rock traditional Khloé K. gear, which usually boils down to high-waisted jeans, your sexiest bodysuit, blonde waves, and a lot of bronzer. Clearly, from the accompanying picture, a liberal amount of fur is also encouraged.

A Tristan costume is easy since the other half of the duo simple needs one of the Cleveland Cavaliers player's jerseys.
Jon Snow & Daenerys Targaryen Of Game Of Thrones

We’re calling it right now, Jonerys will be the hottest costume for Halloween 2017. The Game Of Thrones heroes, who also happen to be nephew-aunt pair, finally had sex in the season 7 finale, “The Lion And The Wolf,” giving fans the hookup they've been waiting for since the HBO fantasy epic began.

Thankfully for people who want to live out their own Jon Snow (Kit Harington) & Dany (Emilia Clarke) fantasy this Halloween, both characters have amazing wardrobes. For Dany, you could go for a season 7-approved structured dress and dragon-appliqued cape combo, or throw back to the queen’s more airy, Grecian looks of days gone by. For Jon, the blacker, the furrier, and the broodier, the better.
Jack & Rebecca Pearson Of This Is Us

The beloved NBC couple could inspire two very different couples costumes. One hails from the period Rebecca Pearson (Mandy Moore) was pregnant with triplets, so think fake baby bumps, maternity dresses, and comfy t-shirts — or maybe even her famed Pittsburgh Steelers jersey. This also happens to be a great option for all the legitimately pregnant women out there. All faux Jack Pearson (Milo Ventimiglia) needs is the character’s signature beard, long hair, and retro denim jacket.

If you want to get majorly dressed up, however, you could do an homage to the Pearson parents’ very 70s wedding, where Rebecca wore a perfect vintage (then, modern) long sleve gown and flower crown. Jack sported a tan suit jacket and vest, with dark pants, and a ruffle shirt.

Double points if you do a double couples costume including the Pearson wedding's best man and maid of honor, Miguel (Jon Huertas) and Shelly (Wynn Everett).
Bonnie & Nathan Carlson Of Big Little Lies

Nathan Carlson (James Tupper) may have been a terrible husband to Madeline Mackenzie (Reese Witherspoon), but at least he really loved Bonnie (Zoe Kravitz). This couple also had the best costumes during Big Little Lies’ big finale gala, where the women were inspired by Audrey Hepburn, while the men dressed like different incarnations of Elvis Presley.

Who wouldn’t want to wear Bonnie’s perfect champagne gown, opera-length gloves, gemstone-dripping art deco necklace, and tiara for an evening? And Nathan’s “Jailhouse Rock”-era Presley costume was definitely the hippest sartorial choice out of all the men's duds that night, right down to his killer coif.
Dolores Abernathy & Teddy Flood Of Westworld

The story of Dolores Abernathy & Teddy Flood is a truly dark one, filled with mass murder, assisted suicide, and far too many unhinged robots. But, at the very beginning of the series, they were just two adorable young people in love. It was all riding horses and picking up canned goods.

Relive those sweet memories with your own bae by rocking Dolores’ now-iconic long blue dress and Teddy’s traditional cowboy duds. Or give a nod to Dolores’ ever-evolving character with both halves of your couple rocking badass, horse riding-ready gear.
June & Nick Of The Handmaid’s Tale

Guys, in the political wasteland that is Handmaid’s Tale, there is one couple we can all root for: June (Elisabeth Moss) and Nick (Max Minghella). They have good sex! Nick probably (hopefully!) broke June out of the house of horrors that is Fred The Rapist (Joseph Fiennes) and Serena Joy’s (Yvonne Strahovski) mansion. Go June and Nick!

Celebrate their love this Halloween by donning the most Puritanical red dress possible to be June, and all-black three-piece outfit — pants, button-up shirt, and collared jacket — to be Nick. Simple, but visually effective.
Blair Waldorf & Dan Humphrey (Yes, Dan Humphrey) Of Gossip Girl

Earlier this season, we unveiled one undeniable truth in the universe. It was the fact Blair Waldorf’s true match was not Chuck Bass (Ed Westwick), as we were led to believe. No, no, it was Dan Humphrey the whole time.

To remind people of this indisputable certainty, go as the couple for Halloween, and then argue with anyone who asks, “Wait, where’s Chuck?”

To keep everyone from getting confused, go as W magazine-era Blair (Leighton Meester) and Dan (Penn Badgley), which means wearing your most fashionable duds and a middle part, no massive bow or headband needed. For Dan, an equally stylish outfit works, plus a notebook for all of his Important Writer Thoughts. A button reading “I’m The Real Gossip Girl” would also be helpful.
Kevin Keller & Joaquin DeSantos Of Riverdale

We can all debate whether Archie Andrews should end up with Veronica Lodge or Betty Cooper until Pop’s Chocklit Shoppe closes, but this throuple isn’t even close to being the best relationship around. Kevin Keller and Joaquin DeSantos are clearly the most underrated of the pack, and much deserving of being your Halloween costume inspiration.

Kevin always sports a button-up shirt underneath a wholesome sweater, paired with some smart slacks. Joaquin, however, rocks his long hair slicked back with a massive leather jacket and t-shirt du jour — piercing blue eyes are not a requirement, but much appreciated.

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Rachel Lindsay & Cooper The Dog Of The Bachelorette

If you weren’t crazy about Nick’s time as the Bachelor, but did love watching Rachel Lindsay’s journey toward love, let her season of The Bachelorette guide your Halloween planning.

Like Nick’s time on The Bachelor, the eventual winner wasn’t truly the best part of the season. That honor goes to Rachel’s perfect dog, Cooper. Cooper is the true star of her season, and I won’t hear anything else.

Remind people of this fact by dressing like the doggy-dog mom duo. For Rachel, all you need is a gorgeous red dress (san Puritanical sleeves like the Handmaid’s Tale guide), wide smile, and a take-no-B.S. personality. For Cooper, buy doggy ears and a fake cast for your right arm. Remember, poor Cooper broke his toe before Bachelorette filming.
Betty Cooper & Veronica Lodge Of Riverdale

Okay, fine, these two aren’t technically a couple. But, they did kiss that one time! And, this a truly perfect couples costume, so it’s going on the list, darnit.

A Beronica costume is a lovely play on opposites, much like the Kevin and Joaquin idea. For Betty, you would need a cute ponytail, a smart cardigan set, and a 1950’s-inspired A-line skirt. For Veronica, any club-ready little black dress is appropriate, paired with pearls and a seductive dark lip.

Honestly, this is what Instagram dreams are made of.
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