The Totally Normal Way To Do Your Makeup For Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve is synonymous with cozy crackling fires, steaming mugs of mulled wine, and, of course, gingerbread houses.

But instead of making a gingerbread house and watching it go slowly stale once you've unwrapped all the gifts, Caroline Solomon, a.k.a. Lowcheekbones, is showing us the trendiest new way to incorporate our favorite wintry cookie into a holiday-approved makeup look — one that taps into your deepest reserves of Gwen Stefani nostalgia (of which we obviously have tons).

Paired with a bold red "lippie" and a dashing little thatched gingerbread roof "hat," this playful technique will easily become your new go-to for holiday glam. The best part? Your ginger crown is a snack that travels with you through the excitement of a tiring, festive evening, so feel free to nibble on it whenever you need an energy boost.

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