Everything We Know About Homeland Season 7

After 10 months off our TV screens, Homeland is back. The spy thriller will return in the US on 11th February and is expected to follow a week later in the UK with season 7 premiere episode “Enemy Of The State.” Now that’s an anxiety-inducing title.

The penultimate season-opener’s moniker is even worse if you remember the precarious position we left Homeland heroine Carrie Mathison (Claire Danes) toiling in. And Carrie’s woes were nothing compared to those of her mentor and colleague Saul Berenson (Mandy Patinkin). But considering the drama was last on television nearly 300 days ago, it’s unlikely you can perfectly recall the dire situation facing Carrie, Saul, and the rest of Homeland’s America.

That is where we come in. We put together a handy gallery explaining precisely where we left off with the season 6 finale, “America First,” and everything to expect from season 7. Keep reading to get all of the details and see the high-stakes trailer.

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Where did we leave off with Homeland season 6?

Let’s just say the Homeland season 6 finale was intense. Poor, beloved Peter Quinn (Rupert Friend) died a hero protecting President-Elect Elizabeth Keane (Elizabeth Marvel) from a would-be fiery assassination scheme. A scheme that planned to frame Quinn as the killer and was hatched by people inside of the government who hypothetically should be protecting Keane.

This egregious breach of political trust, which has the distinct whiff of treason, leads to Keane arresting dozens of government officials, many of whom likely didn’t plot to kill the president. We know all the detained intelligence experts aren’t all bad guys, as Carrie’s mentor Saul is one of them. Saul didn’t do anything.

Plus, Carrie, who was used by the White House to keep the spy community calm in the midst of Keane’s transition, is then promptly iced out of Keane’s inner circle once all her supposed enemies are behind bars.

Amid the high paranoia seeping into every corner of DC, Carrie ends season 6 staring at the Capitol Building wondering if the America she loves is gone.
No, but really, is Quinn coming back?

Some prestige TV shows survive on surprise twists and fake-outs. Homeland is one of them. After all, it literally began with Marine Nicholas Brody (Damian Lewis) essentially coming back from the (all-but-presumed) dead in season 1.

But sorry, Quinn fans, the much-loved spy is actually dead — and staying that way. Executive producer Lesli Linka Glatter confirmed as much at the 2017 Emmys, and Quinn’s portrayer Rupert Friend has already joined Strange Angel, an upcoming CBS All Access drama series.
Where does that put us for season 7?

The implied burgeoning paranoia of season 6’s closing has bloomed into full-scale madness in the White House and beyond in season 7. As trailers show, Keane is now calling for the execution of the individuals — aka Americans — she had arrested. If every one of those detainees is killed, we’re talking about hundreds of bodies, one of which could be Saul.

Unsurprisingly, Carrie, who battles bipolar disorder, will be on a manic swing during these anxiety-ridden times. But that doesn't mean the intelligence expert is wrong when she yells in the trailer, “The country is in freefall!”
Is there any good news?

Well, as the trailer confirms, Saul will at least be released from federal prison… to become Keane’s new national security advisor. It’s good to know Carrie’s mentor is out of prison the moment the president starts talking about executing people in said prison, but that also means Saul is squarely in the vipers’ nest known as the White House.
This all sounds more chaotic than Donald Trump’s presidency. Is he an inspiration for the storyline?

It’s safe to say in this day and age that politics colours everything we see on television, whether creators admit as much or not. Thankfully, showrunner Alex Gansa is upfront about President Trump’s influence on his political thriller.

“It was wholly as a result of Donald Trump being elected president,” the writer told Variety of his show’s decision to continue on with last year’s fraught, political threads.

“And I honestly think that if Hillary had been elected, we wouldn’t be doing season 7 set in Washington, DC … It seemed crazy not to explore and to delve into Washington politics and to find a president who is opposed by the deep state and to try to tell a relevant story to what is actually happening in the real world.”

But don’t try to convince yourself this is a straight allegory for real-life 2018. Rather, it’s much more akin to commentary. “It’s a different story, but a lot of the same issues arise,” Gansa explained. “It’s a Homeland fiction that is hopefully relevant to what we’re seeing in real-life in Washington.”
Can I see this Homeland season 7 trailer we keep talking about?

Of course, but can I recommend putting on some soothing music before pressing play?

It does introduce an entire subplot about what appears to be a militia — who uses Keane's photo for target practice — stockpiling weapons and talking about taking a “stand” for what they believe in.
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