10 Valentine's Day Makeup Looks That Aren't Cheesy

We’ve all heard the laundry list of unnecessary things you’re supposed to do on 14th February: inhale boxes of chocolate, go out with your “galentines”, select the perfect gift for your S.O., put on too-expensive lingerie... and these are just the first four Valentine's Day pitches in my inbox. On the beauty side of things, we're usually told to doll up for the person lucky enough to go to a romantic dinner with you.

But there is no such thing as "Valentine's Day makeup" — nor is there really "date makeup," for that matter. It's all just makeup, whether you use the occasion to wear more, less, or none at all.

Still, the night can serve as an opportunity to play with new hues, textures, and techniques — and we're always down to do that. Ahead, we rounded up ten examples of beautiful makeup you can wear on V-Day... and whenever the hell you want.

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Copy Priyanka Chopra's standout look and wear violet tones on your lids and lips. The colour may seem intimidating, but it's actually super-flattering on almost all skin tones.
Shimmery rose-gold eyes, dewy skin, and a demi-matte lip — we've loving makeup artist Katie Jane Hughe's contrasting textures in this look.
A swipe of pink underliner spices up an otherwise no-makeup makeup look on blogger Zolee.
Kate Bosworth let her expertly-applied red lipstick take center stage by pulling her hair back in a tight updo.
Pair a bold lip with a soft, barely-there eye like Yara Shahidi. Simply grab your favourite eyeliner pencil and apply it close to your lashline. Then, use a smudge brush or your finger to lightly diffuse the colour.
Use the occasion as an excuse to finally whip out that bold, jewel-toned eyeshadow you bought on a whim and haven't attempted to wear out yet.
Tap into your vampy side with a deep aubergine lip and blinding inner-corner highlight à la model Duckie Thot.
This look combines three of our favourite trends: eye gloss, pink shadow, and inner-corner strobing.
Lily Collins' dusty lilac eye may be simple, but it packs a romantic punch when paired with soft waves and a pale pink lip.
Tired of all the pink and red? This smoky halo eye is perfect for a night out.
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