Mood-Ring Shopping: 30 Colorful Buys To Set The Tone At Home

What's your mood? It may seem hard to believe, but it wasn’t that long ago that we put aside our Tamagotchi Pets and Beanie Babies to slip on a novelty ring and find out. Born in the '70s, but alive well into the '90s, mood rings were a fad for obvious reasons. Sometimes, the ring surprised you: “I didn’t know I was filled with a fiery passion!” you’d say. Other times, it was spot-on: “I knew I was feeling especially creative today,” you’d admit. The ring knew all. And while we would never try to replace the mystical powers of the mood ring, we have found that shopping for the latest home decor can also determine a lot about how we’re feeling. After all, the meaning of color has been examined by everyone from psychologists to interior designers.

Perhaps the vibrant green of Dusen Dusen’s terry cloth towel is catching your eye on the coming slides? If so, it means you're feeling cool as a cucumber, unfazed by stress. Or, perhaps the bold red of The Citizenry’s Kedo Rug is hitting a chord; then, you're probably feeling romantic and excited.

Click through these slides to find out what color is calling your name and discover your true mood — a rad new apartment refresh is just an added bonus.

Did you just go on vacation? If you’re drawn to blue, you're likely feeling calm, cool, and collected. You're in a good place with your emotions and feeling happy, social, and loveable. So, spruce your place up with some new blue-hued pieces and call a special someone over to #netflixandchill.

Primary blue was cool in kindergarten, and it’s cool now. Add some into your bedroom’s palette with this youthful design.

Land of Nod Primary Nightstand, $299.00 Buy
This blue is timeless (thanks to Yves Klein) and is therefore the perfect color for a clock.

Norm.Architects Norm Steel Wall Clock, $100, available at A+R.
Your space plus this rug equals ultimate style.
Pattern Society Union Rug In Navy, $119.00 Buy
This Roman woman is feeling blue, too. You’re kindred spirits.
The Posters Roman Women I Poster, $55.00 Buy
Summer may be over, but the allure of cold-brew coffee will never die.
Bruer Cold Brew Coffee Maker, $75.00 Buy
If green is what you’re after, your current state is average — in the best way possible. You're not under great stress or overly happy; you're at peace with the world around you and don’t have much to complain about. Fortunately, there is some great new green decor that is anything but average. Once you get some of these items into your place, your mood will definitely get turnt up.

Can’t decide which hue of green is your favorite? Luckily, this clock has them all.

Design Within Reach Watch Me Wall Clock, $50.00 Buy
Forgo those boring-old bath towels for something a little more vibrant.

Dusen Dusen Triad Towel, $38.00 Buy
Your friends will be green with envy when they spy this new print on your gallery wall.

Print Club Boston #5 Screenprint, $100.00 Buy
Consider this pillow Oz-approved.

Arianna Belle Emerald Green Velvet Pillow, $142.00 Buy
Looking to add a touch of fall to your pad? This deep green will do just that.
H&M Soft Throw, $34.00 Buy
Yellow is the perfect color to be feeling when you're redecorating, as it’s a sign of your brain being very active and in a highly creative state. You may make some bold decisions, but if they include buying a canary-yellow coat rack, we know you won’t regret them. You’re going to need a lot of yellow around you to keep those creative juices flowing, so start shopping.

If you’re looking to add some sunny, midcentury flair to your place, make Jonathan Adler your first shopping destination.

Jonathan Adler Bobo Pillow, $88.00 Buy
When Garance Doré partners up with one of our favorite stationers, you can bet the results are lustworthy.

Garance Doré Clear Color Bar iPhone Case, $36.00 Buy
Winter is coming, and those coats are going to need a home.

Blu Dot Splash Coat Rack, $299.00 Buy
Whether in your bathroom or your entryway, these yellow pegs will keep your space organized and your outlook optimistic.

A+R Space Collection Pegs, $20.00 Buy
Crack open a cold one and let those creative juices flow.
Areaware Bottle Opener, $12.00 Buy
Maybe it’s all this shopping, but something has got you excited if the color red is looking extra-alluring right now. The hue is the sign of an elevated heartbeat due to romance, a fiery debate, or uncontrollable passion. Now, we don’t know what romantic prospect may be blowing up your phone, or what episode of Last Week Tonight you may have just watched, but we do know that your heart is going to be beating out of your chest when you see these red home accessories.

Swatting flies can be such an unglamorous task. Unless you’re armed with this rouge-colored leather tool. It’ll be your new favorite pastime.
Kaufmann Mercantile Leather Fly Swatter, $16.00 Buy
With all this passion you’re feeling, a Lovesac should be the first thing on your shopping list.

Lovesac Citysac, $440.00 Buy
It’s time to update your coffee table situation from that cardboard box you’ve had since you moved in.

Ikea PS 2012 Coffee Table, $49.00 Buy
A touch of wood makes this midcentury-inspired pendant light prime for anyone who thinks red is rad.

Fenton & Fenton Ashwood Plumb Pendant, $175.00 Buy
Hand-woven, fair-trade, and the perfect ruby hue? What more could you ask for in a little rug?

The Citizenry Kedo Rug, $395.00 Buy
Pining for purple? If so, you may find yourself feeling sensitive, emotional, and imaginative. The royal shade can ignite creativity, inspire meditation, and stimulate your intuition. Here are some new products to meditate on.

Take your selfie addiction to the next level.
SAELFIE GRAPE Pillow, $59.00 Buy
We know it’s a risk to order a scented candle online, but this one is so beautiful, it just may be worth it.
Le Feu de L'Eau Violet, $62.00 Buy
Add some south-of-the-border flair to a corner that’s feeling a bit basic with this vinyl chord chair.
Innit Acapulco Rocker, $479.00 Buy
Buying flowers for your home is always a good idea; having the perfect vase to put them in is an even better one.

CB2 Extrude Vase, $29.99 Buy
Hanging this art on your wall is like planting an exotic garden in your backyard. Well, almost.
Egill Bjark Flora 05, $25.00 Buy
We hate to be the bearer of bad news, but if you're vibing on orange, you could be stricken with worry and guilt. But, don't fret, because it’s these feelings that make us all human and are totally normal and healthy, in moderation. Almost as normal as feeling like you can’t live without a new orange pepper mill or pillow. Go ahead, embrace your humanity and let orange into your home.
What do you mean you don’t have a sunset view from your apartment?

LEIF Orange Sun Poster Print, $45.00 Buy
Some may say this pillow is more of a terra-cotta than a true orange, but either way, it’s chic.
CB2 Linon Red-Orange Pillow, $30.00 Buy
It’ll be hard to ignore your table setting when this Tom Dixon piece is in the mix.
Tom Dixon Tower Pepper Grinder, $85.00 Buy
Pom poms are undeniably fun, and why would you ever deny yourself fun?
Furbish Herringbone Pom Pom Throw, $62.00 Buy
Live that Cali life by toting around your belongings in this beach-ready orange bag.
Pacific Tote Company Big Sur Tote, $80.00 Buy
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