"Shadow Roots" Are The New It-Girl Color Trend — With A Playful Twist

Long gone are the days when 'roots' was a dirty word in the hair world. For celebs going platinum, pink, and everything in-between, having an inch or two of their natural color is a given. Why? It makes the look more effortless and natural — plus, it makes the grow-out process a whole lot less awkward.

Just look at Selena Gomez's latest transformation: The team at Nine Zero One salon maintained her dark roots for an edgier effect against her new platinum hair. Of course, leave it to Instagram to take this trend to the next level. First there was glitter roots, but now it's all about vibrant color. Often referred to as "rainbow roots" or "shadow roots," this new take on the look might not be nearly as practical as Gomez's 'do, but boy is it so damn cool.

Brave enough to try the bold trend? We've rounded up our favorite examples making the rounds on Instagram, ahead.

Watch one Refinery29 staffer try shadow roots for the ultimate hair transformation. It's bold and bright, but the best part? She reports that since her appointment the color has faded into a pastel sheen that's just as cool. Press play for a peek at the process, then click ahead for more examples.
Keep the color closer to the root to increase the surprise factor: It'll peek through casual French braids in the best way possible.
Even the thinnest line of vibrant color makes a massive impact.
As you can tell, we love this look on a sleek platinum bob.
Fun fact: The look works just as well with an undercut.
Take ROYGBIV and add it to hair by letting your rainbow roots fade into a pale violet.
A touch of color adds a hit of moodiness to this blonde hue.
You don't have to go platinum for this look either — a dark navy blue is subtly cool against jet black hair.
Top off rose gold hair with deep magenta roots for a pink-hued play on Selena's platinum-brunette combination.
Purple and blue roots add a pop of subdued color.
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