These Sex Handcuffs Will Start You On Your Kink Journey

Handcuffs are the ultimate BDSM sex toy for those looking to begin their adventure into the world of bondage. While a simple belt can be a great restraining device, there's something undeniably sexy and powerful about owning a pair of legit handcuffs.

If you're the submissive type, being handcuffed allows you to enjoy the extreme arousal of being at your partner's whim. What will they do next? Go down on you? Flip you over and make love to you from behind? Or will they tease and tantalize you with their hands and sex toys until you're begging to come? For those who are dominant, handcuffing your partner allows you to take control and watch them writhe in orgasmic agony. Oddly enough, when you add restraints to your sex life, the possibilities are endless.

Of course, as with all kinks (and particularly BDSM), consent, boundaries, and safe words should be established before jumping into anything. Not sure how your sex preferences fit into the world of sexual restraints? Talk about it with your partner and see what turns you both on. If handcuffs sound like fun, then go ahead and invest in a pair and explore.

And if you're ready to shop, you've come to the right place: From classic police-style cuffs to chic gold chains, we've rounded up the best sex handcuffs on the market. Make sure to check back, as we'll be updating with new sexy restraints regularly.

Are you on a budget but still into BDSM? Look no further than these disposable zip cuffs — they are actually much harder to remove than some of the fancier products.
Stockroom Disposable Zip Cuffs, $4.00 Buy
Available in cute pink or bondage black, these adjustable soft cuffs are perfect for BDSM beginners. Not only are they waterproof, but they can be used on the ankles as well as the wrists.
KinkLab Neoprene Cuffs, $18.66 Buy
Looking to add some bondage to your shower sex routine? These handcuffs come with suction cups so you can restrain your partner up against bathroom tile for S&M shower sex.
Stockroom Shower Sex Cuffs, $36.50 Buy
Sometimes, you just want a simple pair of handcuffs that look like you mean business. If you have a partner that's been naughty, cuff 'em up with these — they're basic, functional, and affordable.
Stockholm Basic Handcuffs, Black, $13.95 Buy
These vegan leather gold chain cuffs are as chic as they are sexy.
Barcelona Bijoux Indiscrets Maze Thin Cuffs, $40.00 Buy
For the fashion-forward kinkster, these red and black handcuffs feature scalloped edges, and they're comfy to boot.
Stockroom Fleece Lined Buckling Wrist Cuffs w/ Red Scalloped Edges, $52.00 Buy
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