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We tend to look at shopping for a handbag a bit differently than we do shopping for other items. Our closet can be stocked with impulse denim buys, shelves of statement shoes, and rows of assorted dresses, but purchasing the right carryall is a little more revered. Maybe it's that they tend to get more mileage than your average item, but unless you're Kris Jenner and have a closet full of Birkin bags to rotate out weekly, most of us tend to stick to one to two bags for months at a time. (And if you are a frequent purse changer, I'd like to know how you magically avoid always leaving your wallet or keys in the wrong one).

Rather than just shoving a bunch of bags in your face that we deem the best, we're creating a one-stop source with guides to every bag type you could ever need. Dying for a baby clutch? It's in here. Looking for a tote bag that will fit your two dogs, a weekend's worth of clothes, and half of your medicine cabinet? You may need to lower your expectations, but we're sure we have a bag that covers at least two of those. But regardless of what's on your agenda, the list ahead should help ease the process of making what's (arguably) your most important purchase.

Wristlets Are Back, But Not Like You Remember Them
The wrislet has returned! But before you start digging out your little zip-up Coach logo wallets (they still sell them by the way!), you'll be happy to know that the new version is a little roomier than the ones from your past. And now, it's all about the centered strap.
Studio 33 Faux-Pearl Velvet Wristlet, $75.00 Buy
5 Of The Best Bag Trends To Try Now
From the instant sell-out that was the faux pearl encrusted Shrimps bag to Jacquemus' pretty in pink baby purse, we rounded up the five of the most ubiquitous bag trends of 2017.
Shrimps Antonia Bag, £450.00 Buy
Drawstring Bags So Cute They’re Breaking Our Heart
Shoulders straps have had the limelight for long enough. These clutches are prime to use as an every-day bag, they're vintage-inspired, and they're so adorable that we just can't help collecting every one we see.
Mango Velvet Bead Bag, $79.98 Buy
In A Bag Rut? Here's 10 Handbag Swaps To Strongly Consider
While we always lament the end of summer, the colder half of the year is the perfect opportunity for a fresh beginning. Start winter off strong with these handbag swaps.
Cult Gaia Small Acrylic Ark Bag, $300.00 Buy
Is This 2017's Version Of The Bucket Bag?
The mini backpack was inescapable this year. Everyone from Fendi to Louis Vuitton released a few bitty bags that reinvigorated our love for the backpack, and whether your tastes are more leather and refined or sporty and nylon, there's a definitely a version with your name on it.
3.1 Phillip Lim Go Go Mini Backpack, $495.00 $247.50, Buy
20 Backpacks To Help You Schlep In Style
With a backpack — a.k.a the modern carryall of choice — you can keep all your essentials with you all the time. These'll give you a hand, literally.
Parisa Wang Addicted Backpack , $235.00 Buy
The Best Bags For The Hardcore Commuter
Getting all of your crap from point A to point B shouldn't be a labor of juggling the closest tote bags you have on hand. Whether you travel by foot, car, train, or plane, these bags will help you (and your stuff) get through your commute.
Graf Lantz Frankie Tote Granite, $425.00 Buy
These Are The Cutest Mini Bags We've Ever Seen
If there's one statement we can confidently make about the future of handbags, it's that the basket bag isn't going anywhere. While we love an oversized, hand-woven bag for our beach day getaways, the mini basket bag injects a little Sunday picnic magic into our day-to-day life.
Clare V. Cream Woven, $175.00 Buy
How To Find The Right Evening Bag For Your Look
Shopping for the right handbag for your night out is somewhat of a weird task. It's often the last puzzle piece we consider when building an outfit and choosing the right shape to match our dress is a task we're often too tired to confront. We've put together a guide to knowing which bag to grab the next time your on your way out.
Zara Beaded Minaudière, $59.90 Buy
20 Carryalls For When You're Sick Of Your Black Tote
Put down your beat up black tote. Seriously, it probably needs a rest by now. In its place, we've found alternatives for the next time you need to fit your laptop, gym shoes, five lipsticks, and half-empty gum packs into one bag.
Mansur Gavriel North South Tote, $585.00 Buy
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