Bat Wing Liner Is Here To Relieve Your Halloween Costume Stress

Our love for the versatility of liquid liner knows no bounds. This is especially true around Halloween, when it can add 'costume makeup' to its ever-expanding résumé. For example: A Marilyn Monroe-inspired wing and beauty mark combo? Done. A cat-eye and whiskers to match your go-to cat ears? That's a cinch.

But for those among us that prefer the classic, haunted vibes of All Hallows' Eve — sinister even — we suggest trying out a trend that is exploding on Instagram right now: bat wing liner. It's a quick, simple, and effective way to get in the spirit without much work. While the look has been around for years, Kat Von D sparked a surge of imitators after sharing a pictorial on Instagram, showing fans how to easily achieve the look in six steps.

With Halloween just 24 hours away, we sought out some of the best bat wings on the web for inspiration. From subtle to shocking, there's a lot you can do with this the look, ahead.

Thanks to the positive response, the makeup pro shared the step-by-step breakdown of the look here.
IMAGE VIA @_lightningstruck. 
The trick is to use small strokes and keep the curve of the wing along your crease.
IMAGE VIA @broken_bat_wings. 
If you want to extend the look even further, you can align the curve of the batwing with your brow bone instead.
IMAGE VIA @kosmetickritter. 
Or, try it on your lower lashline for a more sinister visage.
IMAGE VIA @grotesquemakeup.
Now this is a #TBT worth sharing! After getting inspired by Kat Von D’s tutorial, Nini, the makeup artist behind the account @grotesquemakeup, shared this look.
By just drawing the shape and not filling it in, you can keep the eye look open and bright.
Play with the more purple-toned hues in your palettes to create a monochromatic look that can easily go from day to night.
Get matchy-matchy with your shadow and accessories.
IMAGE VIA @rebeccaseals.
We love this look in teal, too.
IMAGE VIA @leighdickson.
Don’t leave your bat liner feeling lonely! Add a few more flighty friends to the mix and skip the worry of coming up with a costume.
IMAGE VIA @k.ittvn.
Nothing wrong with a hint of gold...
IMAGE VIA @sof.tblue.
...Or shimmery silver!
IMAGE VIA @leahashtyn.
Yes, you can totally rock the sunset eye trend with this look — especially since that’s the time bats usually wake up and take flight.
Or you could completely fill the skies of your eyes with a whole colony of bats as they fly into the sunset.
IMAGE VIA @meganlayland.
Flip the script and make your wings swoop downward, like your bat is hunting prey.
Black lip color seals the deal.
IMAGE VIA @naomi_skyy.
Okay, who left the Bat-Signal on?
IMAGE VIA @missmandyminxx. 
A slightly more subdued version of the Batman-inspired eye look, this would pair perfectly with a sprinkling of Fenty’s Trophy Wife.
IMAGE VIA @chant_crystal.
Instead of sticking to just cat ears, add a pair of wings and convert your costume to become a bat-meets-cat!
IMAGE VIA @eratramashka.
You can give the wings a disco twist by using a shimmering eyeliner.
Image via @poshpassions.
Whether or not you’re a fan of candy corn, you have to admit that this looks pretty sweet!
IMAGE VIA @makeupby_srh.
Whether you prefer animals that stalk the skies or creepy crawlies that create intricate art, you don’t have to choose between the two to get a cool makeup look.
IMAGE VIA @shodans_server.
Want to make the transition from shadow to liner appear seamless? Create your batwing first, then pat a bit of black shadow on the curve of the wing and blend it toward the center of the lid.
IMAGE VIA @renatte05.
If you plan to channel Nosferatu this Halloween, don’t forget a little of blood for your vampire bat wings.
hosted by Mi-Anne Chan.
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