The Bad Beauty Habits Our Editors Just Can't Quit

Beauty trends may change from time to time, but some skin-care and beauty-routine instructions are standard. Don't pick your zits — or better yet, don't touch your face at all. Yes, you really should be applying lotion after showering. And always wear sunscreen.

But despite our best efforts, we don't always follow every good-for-you beauty rule. (Hey, we're only human!) So, we've decided to own up to our worst beauty habits.

Our not-so-great habits range from nail biting to eyebrow shaving — the list includes plenty of things we know we're not supposed to do. And some things, like letting manicurists clip our cuticles, came up more than once. Click through to see the "don'ts" that we're totally guilty of doing.

Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
"I think I'm the only beauty editor on the planet that still bites her nails. I've tried everything to stop, but the only thing that truly works is getting manicures religiously. If my nails look pristine (and I know they cost me $$$), I'm less likely to bite. But one chip and I'm in relapse mode. That's why long-wear nail polishes are so important to me. I recently discovered OPI Infinite Shine lasts for eight-plus days, and my nails are longer and stronger because of it.

"I get my hair blown out once a week because I'm turning into my grandmother. (And I'm lazy AF.) But when I do, I'm a total backseat driver — I meticulously monitor the types of products the stylist uses, the amount, and their curling technique. But the one thing I'm always too shy to speak up about is when they hold the dryer too close to my hair or use a metal brush. I know it's HELL on my hair, but I feel guilty knowing that without doing one or both of those things, they'll be styling my long, thick hair for twice as long and lose other customers or have to stay late. So I just suck it up and treat my hair to a nice mask the next time I wash."
Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
"I heat-style my hair every day without using a heat protector — oops. I use an all-natural leave-in conditioner, which I feel like counts a little bit (Right? Maybe?), but nothing that specifically says it's protecting against my 400-degree Beachwaver.

"I shouldn't even mention this — it's beauty-editor suicide — but here goes: I only wear SPF if it happens to be in a tinted moisturizer I like (BareMinerals Complexion Rescue has it) or I'm in a bikini at the beach all day. Once every couple of weeks, I'll use my SkinCeuticals one, but it's far from a habit. I know I need to. There is nothing you can say that I haven't heard from every derm on Earth. I'm sorry.

"I overdo acids. If a peel pad says to use it once a week, you can bet I'm using it four times a week.

"I always get my cuticles cut during a manicure."
Lexy Lebsack, West Coast Beauty Editor
"I bit my nails from childhood to my early 20s. Then one day, I just decided that it was time to stop and, well, I just did. I think I just wanted to stop so badly, I decided it was time. I rarely relapse, but one bad part of that habit did stick around: I stress-pull, pick, and sometimes bite my cuticles. I try my hardest to not, but sometimes it happens. To help keep them healthy, I get twice-monthly manicures and dab cuticle oil on them a few nights a week. One day, I'll fully reform...

"I am one of many that can't NOT pop a zit. I rarely break out, but when I do, I always make it so much worse. Aesthetician Renée Rouleau gave me some advice that helped me a lot, which is to abide by the rule of three: If you MUST pop, then limit your attempts to three — that way, you don't beat the shit out of your skin if the blemish isn't ready to come out. Now, I must say that you should never pop a zit yourself, but for me, this did help me control the urge and severity of when I don't take my own beauty-editor advice."
Maria Del Russo, Beauty Editor
"I am a horrible nail biter. Nothing I do stops it — I bite whether I have a gorgeous manicure or not. I chew gels. Once my polish chips, I peel it off and then gnaw on my nails. It's a disgusting habit that I've tried to stop, but I can't.

"I also shave my eyebrows. Which is insane. It usually happens when I'm in a rush and I look up and notice the space between my brows is shrinking due to hair growth. I'm only able to do this successfully because I have so. much. practice. I wouldn't advise a novice to do this. You need a very steady hand."
Kelsey Castañon, Beauty News Editor
"Part of my job is trying the latest and greatest nail polishes to hit the market, but I simply can't do that because I bite my fingernails. It's so gross — all the dirt and bacteria that accumulates on your hands is truly disgusting — but I can't help it. Old habits die hard."
Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
"I, like thousands of other people, can't resist picking my pimples. I try my best not to, but sometimes the urge is too strong. I usually try to stop myself by gingerly applying spot treatment or doing my own at-home extractions, but if a pimple is particularly ripe, sometimes I still feel the need to touch it with my fingers — something I'm really trying to stop doing."
Samantha Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant
"My biggest beauty 'don't' is that I let nail technicians cut my cuticles, which is kind of taboo, considering trimming that skin can possibly lead to bacterial infections getting into your nail bed. I know, it's so gross. But nothing looks quite as polished than when I let them go to town with tearing off that skin that just hangs on my fingers. I had a brief phase where I was on my best behavior with the habit, but the finished look was never as clean and perfect."
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