Yara Shahidi Always Wears These 5 Trends

Yara Shahidi is just turning 18, but she's already accomplished what many of us set out to do in a lifetime. She's an influential activist, an award-winning actress with her own successful TV spin-off, and she's got her sights set on Harvard next year.

In the last few years, Shahidi has also made her mark as a bonafide fashion and beauty star. In fact, we'd be hard-pressed to find a Refinery29 style or trend roundup that didn't include her. Shahidi's bold hair and makeup looks haven't gone unnoticed, but despite her love for experimentation, she's does have a few techniques she always falls back on.

Ahead, we've put our beauty sleuthing to good use, rounding up five trends Shahidi always wears so you can copy them ASAP.

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1. Glossy Lids

Dewy lids are a popular Instagram and runway trend, but pulling them off IRL is not as easy as it looks. Shahidi has the technique down, always pairing them with a bright red lip for a look that's bold, but still feels fresh.
Like highlighter, shiny textures on the lids can have a brightening effect and provide a nice contrast to matte makeup.
2. Creative Cat-Eyes

With the help of her go-to makeup artist Emily Cheng, Shahidi has worn just about every iteration of the classic cat-eye you can imagine. Instead of crisp lines, Cheng typically opts for soft ones, blending her work to avoid any harsh edges. The result? A wing that marries the best parts of a cat-eye and a smoky eye.
Shahidi loves to play with color, too. Here she ditched black or brown liner in favor of teal. The shade serves as a fun burst of color in an otherwise natural makeup look.
3. Killer Updos

Shahidi knows how to work an updo, whether it's twisted braids, high buns, sleek ponytails, or pulled-back curls.
When Shahidi pulls her hair back into a ponytail, her hairstylists always make sure to showcase her beautiful natural curls — pulling inspiration from beauty icons like Diana Ross, Solange, and Sade.
4. Floating Crease

On multiple occasions, Shahidi has stepped out rocking one of our favorite makeup trends: the floating crease. The technique, which reinvents a traditional cut crease, doesn't feel as heavy as its '60s-era counterpart.

To do it, grab a liquid or cream liner and etch a thin line just above your lids, following your natural eye shape. Make like Shahidi and go a step further by matching your liner to your ensemble.
In true Shahidi style, the star managed to take a bold makeup technique and make it feel natural by pairing it with fresh makeup and a totally bare lip.
5. Metallic Eyes

We've already established that Shahidi loves to play with fun textures like gloss, so it should come as no surprise that the star employs vibrant, metallic shadow on the red carpet, too. She often makes it monochromatic by matching her shadow to her outfit.
Sometimes a thin strip of metallic shadow on the lower lashline is all you need to make a statement. We love these cream shadows for their versatility. Tap them all over the lid or dip an angled brush into the formula and wear them as eyeliner.
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