If You Liked Rihanna's Leather Grammys Trench, It's Too Late

As reigning stunt queen Rihanna descended upon her kingdom, the Grammy Awards, on Sunday night, we released our bated breath as she hit the stage. At first sight, any withheld anger induced from the Bad Gal skipping the red carpet portion of the event was relinquished — all thanks to a patent leather trench coat. But, not just any trench coat. A trench coat that, in all its oxblood glory, came with a matching pair of boots. From top to bottom, Rihanna did what Rihanna does best.

But if you're a true historian of the Bajan queen's every style move, you've seen this look before. Come to think of it — you've seen it a lot recently. Whether it be departing a West Coast restaurant with her squad or strutting the streets of New York, the "Wild Thoughts" singer has made the statement coat an unforgettable part of her look. And, in typical Rihanna form, the rubric is anything but standard. Think: sweeping, oversized, so luxurious you need to sleep in them to get your money's worth, and, of course, not inordinate enough that a wine glass can't sit comfortably in her hand.

In the slideshow ahead, a few other select coat choices made by the Grammys' most stylish attendee are on full display. They may not all be of the trench coat variety, but one thing is clear: they're so extra, in the best way (and pro tip: allow for a second reveal, in case your underwear is just as major as your outerwear). Winter may be on its way out — at least, that's what our closet's forecast says — but Rihanna has reminded us that, come rain or shine, or literal bomb cyclone, not even Mother Nature can deny the power of a good trench.

In this post, Rihanna tells us to stay pressed. And honestly, with an all-white get-up as snatched as this, we will.
Bad Gal makes a fair point. It is rude to look this fire.
It must be nice to have Dior as your plug. Now, what do we have to do to get her stylist Mel Ottenberg as our hookup? Mel? Are you out there? Can you hear us?
You say sturdy. We say dirty. Go off, RiRi.
And finally, a coat so luscious, no caption is needed. Mic drop.
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