We're Adults & We Want Everything In This Pottery Barn Kids Collection

Who says a nursery, or a kid's room, can't be decorated with the same sophisticated sense of taste as an adult bedroom? Not interior designer and blogger Justina Blakeney, who is partnering with Pottery Barn Kids on a playful collection that launches today.

Blakeney, who recently shared her top boho-chic decorating tips with us, designed a kids' world inspired by astrology, plants, and spiritual symbols. "My collection with Pottery Barn Kids is really three collections: Jungalino, Magic Disco Caravan, and Astronomad — and each one came with its own set of influences and inspirations," Blakeney told Refinery29.

The collection ranges in price from $16.50 to $1,399. Shop and see some of the magic, ahead.

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"The Astro Nomad collection was really inspired by my daughter," said Blakeney. "She is very fascinated by outer space. We take regular trips to the Observatory at Griffith Park [in L.A.] and I love how she lights up when she and my husband are looking at the star maps and geeking out about the planets. I added the rainbows to the Astro Nomad room because I wanted the collection to have a bit of a retro vibe. The rainbow-swoosh quilt reminds me of kids' jackets from when I was in elementary school in Berkeley and puts a smile on my face."
Pottery Barn Kids Justina Blakeney Jungalino Astronomad Quilt, $159.00 Buy
This lightweight chair has child-friendly handles, so it's easy to tote around the house.
Pottery Barn Kids Justina Blakeney Rainbow Astromond Stripe Anywhere Chair, $129.00 Buy
"Between [PB Kids'] seemingly unlimited resources of talent and expertise and my penchant for hand-painted patterns and boho sensibility, the rooms came out feeling imaginative, creative, and carefree — and with a spirit of adventure — all things I want for my kid, but also kids everywhere," said Blakeney.
Pottery Barn Kids Justina Blakeney Sun Mirror, $149.00 Buy
"The Sun Shelf from Jungalino is a fun little statement shelf," said Blakeney. "I could also see it in a bathroom that has tropical wallpaper!"
Pottery Barn Kids Justina Blakeney Sun Raffia Shelf, $149.00 Buy
"The Magic Disco Caravan line was very much inspired by my new book, The New Bohemians Handbook: Come Home to Good Vibes... The idea was to cultivate a space where kids can explore, imagine, and party," said Blakeney. "The hamsa artwork is very personal to me... My mother has always worn a hamsa around her neck. It's a protective device and I wanted to create bedding that was covered in hamsas to add that feeling of protection."
Pottery Barn Kids Justina Blakeney Crochet Canopy, $249.00 Buy
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