The Best Holiday Gifts For The Trump Supporter In Your Life

There are 62,984,825 Trump voters out there, walking among us. They're in our offices, our Uber pools, our favorite bars — sometimes, they're even in our families. When that happens, we're forced to ask ourselves: Can we still love Aunt Liz and also want to write 'idiot' on her forehead in Sharpie while she naps off the turkey?

The answer is yes. But because we're all adults here, let's be slyly passive aggressive instead. This holiday, give the Trump supporter you just can't kick from your life a beauty gift that's both lovely and a low-key fuck-you. We go high, remember?

Trump's ill-considered decision to lift the ban on elephant trophy imports has since been halted amid public outcry from animal activists, environmental protection groups, and everyone with a working heart, but the endangered creatures are still very much at risk. Five percent of the sales from this eyeshadow trio will be shared by the Elephants and Bees Foundation, Sheldrick Wildlife Trust, and Lion Guardians, which makes it the sneakiest gift for the relative who asked for a Remington rifle to deal with the goddamn deer problem in her backyard. "Look," you can say, "it even has the Republican party mascot on it!"

Chantecaille Mermaid Matte Trio, $95, available at Chantecaille.
An appreciation for all things Tom Ford transcends party lines, and this shimmery pink lipstick with a satin finish will make everyone who wears it very, very happy. But if grandma puts on her reading glasses to make out the shade name, you better believe you're going to be hearing about Russia, Michael Flynn, and Hillary's emails. (Because if the emails don't get brought up in a conversation that has nothing to do with them, are you even talking to a Trump voter?)

Tom Ford Boys Lip Color in Flynn, $36, available at Sephora.
Two words: tax bill.

Smith & Cult Nail Lacquer in Feed the Rich, $18, available at Dermstore.
We truly have no idea how Donald gets his unique matte-orange finish, but this'll give anyone the bronze glow a person who has made 78 trips (and counting!) to a golf course since the inauguration should have.

St. Tropez Self Tan Bronzing Face Sheet Mask, $9, available at Ulta.
Alas, you couldn't change the mind of the electoral college, but you can give your dull-skinned, conspiracy theorist cousin a shot at brightness (only works on skin, though) with this set of SK-II's best. You bleeding heart, you.

SK-II Change Destiny Facial Treatment Essence Set, $229, available at Sephora.
For the giftee who's ultra-traditional on social issues, less so with makeup looks, let the highly reflective glitter particles in these shadows distract from the fact that 20% of proceeds go to Miley Cyrus' Happy Hippie Foundation, which helps support homeless LGBTQ+ youth.

Bodyography Glitter Pigment in Celestial, $23, available at Bodyography.
Consider this a win for both you and the Trump supporter in your life: They get a scent that represents their favorite dying industry (but won't give them lung cancer when they inhale), and you get the satisfaction of giving coal to the naughty little boy or girl.

Andrea Maack Coal eau de parfum, $135, available at Neiman Marcus.
Women took a big hit in 2017, but then something kind of amazing happened: We dusted ourselves off and punched right back. We organized the largest single-day demonstration in history with the Women's March, we ran for office in record numbers (and won), we toppled the careers of Hollywood's most powerful sexual harassers. Basically, we proved that we need to be running shit — and the only way that happens is through education.

That's where this fancy, gold-flecked facial oil comes in. For each full-sized skin-care purchase made on Tatcha's site, the brand will fund a day of school for girls across Africa and Asia through the Room to Read Girls’ Education Program. Give it to the family member who once said we couldn't govern a country because we get too emotional during that time of the month.

Tatcha Gold Camellia Beauty Oil, $95, available at Tatcha.
Five percent of the sale of each body butter from this California-grown organic skin-care brand will be donated to Planned Parenthood, an organization that needs as much support right now as your dry-skinned friend who champions abstinence-only education.

Earth Tu Face Coconut Body Butter, $42, available at Earth Tu Face.
You could always give a peace offering in the form of this earthy blend of woods and resins, chosen for their ability to ground and bring serenity...

Sandoval Peace Candle, $60, available at Sandoval.
But fuck that.

Lipslut Fuck Trump Liquid Lipstick, $19.95, available at Lipslut.
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