16 Pieces Made For Your Winter Getaway — & Your Instagram

Welcome to our new bi-weekly column, Insta-Bait, where we highlight the brands taking over our feeds right now — because Instagram isn't just a place where we DM memes to our friends and double-tap our style icons' most on-point outfits, it's where we discover new labels on the regular.

Every now and then, one specific item can put an entire brand on the map. Such is the case with Cult Gaia. Because whether or not you recognize the name, you've undoubtedly seen its Insta-famous handbag on your feed (that is, assuming you don't already have one of your own). Since its first viral hit, the label has expanded into ready-to-wear, jewelry, and more. And its just-launched resort collection will make you want to snap an #OOTD and book a just-as-photo-worthy vacation — stat.

Excitingly, this is the first full collection for the brand, coming in at a whopping 88 dresses, hats, earrings, bags, crop tops, and way more. Plus, it's offering new acrylic variations of its signature Gaia's Ark that are ripe for the taking. So whether you've got a trip to somewhere warm on the books, a wedding coming up, or just want a little piggy friend in your handbag collection, its latest drop is worth shopping. And if none of the above is on your agenda, you could always just do it for the 'gram. Hey, you know you want to.

Cult Gaia Acrylic Ark Multi, $298.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Audrey Trouser, $348.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Thalia Earring, $88.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Nahla Halter Mini Dress, $478.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Acrylic Luna Black, $318.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Poppy Pouch, $148.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Angie Paperbag Skirt, $418.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Acrylic Lilleth Multi, $378.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Mira Earring Lapis, $88.00 Buy
Cult Gaia The Babe, $198.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Eden Trapeze Dress, $498.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Lilleth Brown Stain, $218.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Acrylic Lilleth Tortoise, $378.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Seashell Bra Top, $198.00 Buy
Cult Gaia Mar Bolero, $228.00 Buy
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