An Ode To Steve & Dustin’s Bromance

Stranger Things 2 gave us many things — Sean Astin as Bob the brain, David Harbour shirtless, an excuse to stay inside for two days, to name a few — but most importantly, it gave us the pairing of Steve Harrington (Joe Keery) and Dustin Henderson (Gaten Matarazzo). They were the friendship no one was expecting. Both were at a loss; Dustin was frustrated with his pals because they didn't recognize the importance of D'artagnan, his baby demogorgon, and Steve's relationship with Nancy Wheeler (Natalia Dyer) was crumbling. By chance, Dustin bumped into Steve Harrington outside the Wheeler's residence and, voila!, we have the best duo of all time. Move over, Nancy and Jonathan, there's a new couple in town, and they both have really great hair.

Throughout the season, Dustin and Steve become very close. In the finale, Steve drops Dustin off at the Snow Ball, but not without giving baby Dusty some advice: Ignore the girls you like, and they'll come running. (It's bad advice, but not all friendships are perfect!)

In some ways, they are opposite. Steve isn't that smart, and Dustin really is. Dustin's pretty awkward with women, and Steve really isn't. But at their core, they're the same: They're just two good guys, looking for a good pal.

Ahead, the best of the best Stranger Things 2 relationship.

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The Friendship Begins

Steve: "Whoa, hey, you're not falling in with this girl, are you?"

Dustin: "No."

Steve: "Okay, good. Don't. She's only gonna break your heart, and you're way too young for that shit."
Gaten & Joe Gush About Each Other

"Funniest guy you'll ever meet," Matarazzo says of Keery. "I like the way two polar opposite characters can really blend together so well."

"I just hope we get to work together more next year. It was a blast," says Keery.
From director Shawn Levy: "These two [Dustin and Steve] together are going to be gold."
Proof that they are best friends in real life.
What if?!
Friends who kill demogorgons together, skip school together.
Even behind the scenes, they are perfect.
“Like the Germans,” Steve points out.

“The Nazis,” Dustin corrects. “If the Nazis were from another dimensions, totally.”
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