Rihanna's Hairstylist Tells Us Exactly How To Recreate Her New Look

No pun intended, but Rihanna has been working. She has her hand in Fenty Beauty, music, the movies, and Puma Fenty — and this is just the short list. So if my sis doesn't feel like doing the most with her hair, then damnit, she won't. Her curly wash-and-go-style lob might look like the epitome of effort, but Yusef Williams insists that the whole ordeal was very chill.

"We just kind of came up with it on a whim," Rihanna's longtime stylist says. "It's not really something that we thought about or planned. We had been doing a bunch of films all week, so that was the easiest thing to do to give her hair a break. She didn't want to be fussy with it and wanted a boy-ish type of vibe."

Photo: Via @badgalriri.

The look (which was accomplished with extensions) was a simple way of easing Rih back into short hair don't care territory — one that's been sorely missed by many of us for a long time. "This is one of the shortest looks she's worn in a while," Williams confirms. "For a long time, we've said that we need to do something short and cool, so I guess that's the route we took. You never know, though. We might go shorter soon!"

When Rihanna and Williams — who are constantly texting ideas to each other — decide to make a major change, it's not all footloose and fancy-free. "It really depends on the moment and what we're doing," he says. "And how we can get in and out of things. There are some photoshoots where they want her to be, like, Lady Godiva one day or something. It's a go-with-the-flow type of situation always." Of course, that's what we love most about her looks.

...you never know, though. We might go shorter soon!
Hairstylist Yusef Williams

Williams says that he didn't use any hot tools to form the curls, letting his choice of products do all the heavy lifting: Miss Jessie's Pillowsoft Curls styling lotion cocktailed with his own "secret serum" and some water. "The mixture gives the hair nice shine, and doesn't make the hair hard," he says. "You don't want to gel it down." To create the ringlets, he simply saturated the hair well enough to go in and form the curls by hand. "You've got to put in work to really define the individual sections," he explains.

And there you have it! Man. A day off has never looked so on point.

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