The Most Pop's Chock'lit Shoppe-Ready Riverdale Halloween Costumes

If you're in the mood for chaos, we have the perfect Halloween inspiration for you: Riverdale. The instant CW classic has been following in Gossip Girl’s footsteps for months when it comes to soapy teen drama and fashion. Over 13 episodes, Riverdale served up more amazing outfits, bizarre dream-sequence costumes, and one-liners than any show in recent memory. That’s why it’s so perfect for the year’s spookiest, most clothing-obsessed holiday.

There are so many great costume ideas in Riverdale, choosing just one is probably as stressful as finding out you’re pregnant with your murdered, surprise distant cousin’s babies. Okay, maybe Halloween costumes aren’t that anxiety-ridden, but it’s pretty bad.

To help you narrow down the multitude of Riverdale Halloween costumes at your disposal, we picked the best possible ones out there. Keep reading to find out which Riverdale costume is right for you, and how to make your Halloween dreams a reality. Archie Andrews (K.J. Apa), Veronica Lodge (Camila Mendes), Betty Cooper (Lili Reinhart), and Jughead Jones (Cole Sprouse) would be proud.

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Toni Topaz

Although we’ve only just met Miss Toni ((Vanessa Morgan)), she’s already one of the coolest Riverdale characters on the whole CW show. The good thing about the Southside High School student is she’s immediately recognizable, so you won’t have to explain who you are for Halloween. For a Toni costume you’ll need a cool leather jacket, disposable camera (think off all the retro party photos you can take), and, either temporary pink hair dye or some fun pink extensions.
The Dream Sequence Wedding Party

This piece of costume inspiration might exist in a pretty depressing context — Fred only imagines his son’s wedding because he’s dying — but don’t let that stop you from having a good time this Halloween. For Veronica, you need a white, floral lace dress, a dainty bejeweled headband, and, of course a string of pearls. Betty has a sapphire blue halter dress dress, while both Archie and Jughead are sporting formal suit jackets and ties on top, kilts for their bottoms.
Retro Betty & Veronica

The most obvious Riverdale costume is, of course, Betty and Veronica. It’s the first idea that comes to anyone’s mind, is easy to do, and you and your BFF would go home with some rad Instagram photos. But, if you’re going to be B & V, why not kick it up a notch for Halloween?

We recommend recreating the best friends' retro look from “In A Lonely Place,” which harkens back to the old-school, Archie Comics versions of the characters. For Betty, you need vintage pin curls, a preppy sweater set, pink lipstick — and an engagement ring. The dream sequence also made the usually-seductive Veronica a little bit more demure with the help of magenta lipstick, shaggy bangs, a pearl Peter Pan collared top, and a headband. Yes, queen bee Veronica Lodge wore a headband. This could obviously only happen in a dream.

If retro Archie ends up being involved in this costume, remember to include among all the polka dots and bow ties the knife Bughead metaphorically stabs in his back.
Josie And The Pussycats

This is basically one of the most fun costumes you can go with. It’s perfect for a group of three or four, depending on which Riverdale iteration you’re dealing with. All everyone needs to do is sport their favorite pair of heels and their own leopard print outfit since the Pussycats traditionally pull a Destiny’s Child by wearing matching, but not identical, ensembles. Just add cat ears, which a Pussycat would never, ever, be caught without.

Like, they even wear them to school.
The River Vixens

Okay, so leopard print isn’t your thing, and cat ear headbands give you a headache. You’re in luck! Your Riverdale group costume could also be the Riverdale High River Vixens. If you want to go all-out, you’ll probably have to design and order the blue-white-and-yellow costumes. Hot Topic is also selling a River Vixens top for under $30 as part of its Riverdale collection.

But, for people who aren’t planning their Halloween costumes months in advance, all you need to do is put together a yellow-sleeved baseball t-shirt, black Soffe shorts with white trim, and high-top gym socks with yellow trim. It’s literally that simple, and exactly what the actual River Vixens wear to practice. You don’t even have to write anything like a massive “R” on the shirt because their uniform is actually that basic.
The Extremely Creepy Blossom Family Reunion

If you and all of your friends want to rep Riverdale, but have more pals than there are Josies, Pussycats, or River Vixens, the Blossom family is the answer to your problem. As fans remember, the entire extended Blossom family descended upon the clan house of horrors known as Thornhill in “La Grande Illusion.” The massive family reunion is perfect fodder for Halloween, since it’s both extremely creepy and fashion-forward.

All you need to execute the group costume is for every person in your Halloween group to buy varying items of blood-red clothing. Caps, hats, jackets, sweaters, rodding jodhpurs, freaking cloaks — all of it and any of it is appropriate if it’s a color that would make Dracula hungry.

Pair your sanguine clothing items with grays, deep blues, tartans, riding boots, and a glint in your eye like you may have murdered a close family member. Remember, the Blossoms have a ton of (drug) money, so they’re all nothing but elegant and impeccably dressed.
Cheryl, Straight Out Of Her Very Crimson Peak Nightmare

So, the inherent creepiness of the Blossom family inspires your spookiest Halloween dreams, but you don’t want to share their eerie fabulosity with your friends? Please take a page out of Cheryl Blossom’s book and recreate her “Heart Of Darkness” nightmare ensemble — it will win you all of the Best Dressed awards.

The episode opens in Cheryl’s dream, where she glides down the grand stairs of Thornhill in a flowing gown. It will surprise no one the dress is blood red, like everything else in Blossom Manor. Cheryl’s red hair slicked back on her head, with big curls falling onto her shoulders, and she’s rocking lots of black eyeliner, mascara, and red lipstick.

Copy all of these items, but leave the heavy candelabra at home. No one wants to carry that around a party.

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A Pop's Chock’Lit Shoppe Waitress

This is a perfect one if you already shop at Modcloth regularly. All you is a vintage-cut yellow dress like this one or this one, a name tag, and a half-up, half down hairstyle.

If you prefer the dark version of this costume, smear your dress with a little bit of fake blood to remind everyone of the time Frank Andrews (Luke Perry) was shot in Pop’s. It was the “exact moment when that last bit of Riverdale’s innocence finally won. When darkness won,” as Jughead says in the last moments of season 1 finale “The Sweet Hereafter.”
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