The Haircuts Our Editors Are Obsessed With For Fall

Hair trends are getting an update this fall and we're sourcing our choice looks straight from Instagram. Gone are the days of taking a ripped-out magazine page into the salon to show our stylist what kind of cut we're going for; now, we pull out our phone (tbh, it's probably already in our hand), open Instagram, and scroll through our pins.

The styles that keep catching our eyes and slowing our thumbs? Shaggy bangs, loads of texture, and tapered cuts. There are so many ways to play with what's trending in hair right now, and with the delightful end of oppressive humidity, this seems like the perfect time to actually go for what we've been lusting after.

Ahead, the Instagram hair — for every texture, length, and maintenance level — that's inspiring our editors' next salon trip.

"I've only had three major hair changes in my life — and they were all after failed relationships. There's no trouble in paradise, but this cream soda color, shaggy layers, and bangs is calling to me in a way that no other haircut has. Maybe it's my long boring brunette hair that I actually need to break up with." — Cat Quinn, Beauty Director
"I want to take my tapered cut down in the back and dye it like Taraji!" — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer
"I weirdly like Megan Good's bowl cut, too — I think the color makes it look more modern." — Khalea Underwood, Beauty Writer
"People — very nice, very generous, perhaps visually-challenged people — have said that Olivia Munn is my celebrity doppelgänger, so I'm tempted to go full fangirl this fall and copy her choppy, just-past-the-shoulders cut and maybe even those bronze highlights. But my hair is also longer than I've let it get in years right now and the little cult on the prairie vibe is calling my name, too. What to do!" — Alix Tunell, Senior Beauty Editor
"I'll probably end up getting something a touch longer, like the Olivia Munn cut Alix is considering. But it's this sci-fi bob that I really can't stop thinking about." — Lexy Lebsack, West Coast Senior Beauty Editor
"I've always wanted to be bold enough to rock a faux hawk and this Afropunk beauty does it so effortlessly! Her curls are goals." — Anissa Richmond, Video Producer
"I've been a long-time fan of the textured bob, but recently I've been itching for something even messier and saving variations of this shaggy-bob-with-fringe look to my Instagram collection. I've experimented with bangs before and they've always been disastrous, but these images have me wondering if I should snip 'em again..." — Mi-Anne Chan, Beauty Writer
"I cut my hair the summer after my freshmen year of college and I’ve rarely ever returned to long tresses. However, this year I’ve been rocking braids — who can resist trying braids after Beyoncé gave us such a plethora of inspo? I am super excited to return to my short cut this fall and I cannot wait to debut something similar to this beauty." — Nikki Tucker, Social Media Editor
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“Three years ago, I bleached the shit out of my very long, naturally very dark hair until it was the perfect shade of bright, blinding white. It was a glorious time in my life, until I had to chop it all off because it felt like a bale of hay and was coming out of my head in clumps. Now that that’s over, I’ve gone the opposite direction and currently aspire to having long, loose, natural-looking hair worn parted ever so slightly off-center for a vibe that’s half flower-child, half grunge — think Yoko Ono during the Amsterdam Bed-In...” — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer
Photo: Ron Galella, Ltd./WireImage.
"...meets mid-‘90s Liv Tyler circa Empire Records." — Rachel Krause, Beauty Writer
"If anyone can convince me to get bangs again, it's Violette." — Sam Sasso, Beauty Editorial Assistant
"This cut screams fall to me. A mid-length cut with soft, subtle layers is all the rage in LA hair right now — it's textured but still sleek. I'm also loving this face-framing butter-toned highlight that complements a chestnut brown so beautifully." — Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant
"I've always wished I had the courage and head shape to pull off a full fade like Sanaa Lathan." — Sesali Bowen, Pop Culture Writer
"I'm a huge fan of Jessica Chastain's — in part because I'm a redhead, in part because she's a total bad-ass. This cut is classic — a smooth and mature take on a deep, Jessica Rabbit style side-part. Also, I need that t-shirt." — Megan Decker, Beauty Production Assistant
"This fall, I would love to embrace my natural texture and go with a '70s inspired cut that enhances my curls and gets rid of all that dead weight. There's nothing like feeling light and fresh to go into a new season!" — Lilac Perez, Associate Casting Director
appearance by Beatrice Copeland; appearance by Sean Bennett.
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"I already have a collar bone-grazing bob, but I've been toying with going even shorter lately. I love the look of a very short and purposeful cut but I've been too scared to go for it. Maybe writing this will push me over the edge..." — Mi-Anne Chan, beauty writer
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