This Murder-Related Podcast Is Inspiring Dozens Of Tattoos

Podcasts are the answer to niche markets everywhere. Never has it been easier to listen to 132 episodes about pens, two grown men debate about Sex and The City, and — for all you morbid weirdos out there — true crime stories.

As for me, I've comfortably set up shop in the latter camp, which is where I found the My Favorite Murder podcast. Hosted by comedians Karen Kilgariff and Georgia Hardstark, it somehow makes talking about serial killers and unsolved cases feel like drinking booze with friends at an abandoned cemetery: scary as fuck, yet wildly entertaining.

I'm not the only one who feels this way, either. In fact, Kilgariff and Hardstark have earned themselves a Manson-like fanbase — all of whom go by #Murderino on Instagram, which sounds both terrifying and hilarious. And recently, some of the hosts' commentary and themes have found new life as tattoos. Ahead, check out our favorite standout designs from their most die-hard fans. (See what I did there?)

The most popular My Favorite Murder tattoo is definitely the hosts' sign-off: "Stay sexy and don't get murdered."
There's nothing like a murder-themed acronym to breathe new life into an otherwise lovely heart tattoo. It's cooler than LYLAS, that's for sure.
In an earlier episode, Kilgariff quoted a popular Armenian proverb, "Let's sit crooked and talk straight" (as in, no talking bullshit here). It clearly struck a chord for Murderinos.
There are lots of elements to unpack in this MFM tribute: pointed black nails, double-ended red lipstick, a knife, and of course, "SS&DGM."
A famous one-liner from the show, in reference to the JonBenet Ramsey murder: "Keep your babies close to you, there's someone out there."
During a completely non-scientific poll on MFM's Twitter, fans voted "fuck politeness" as their favorite saying to come from the podcast. (Which makes sense, considered it also earned thousands of its own hashtags, too.)
"You're in a cult. Call your dad." Not a phrase you expect to hear on a random Thursday, unless, of course, it's Kilgariff saying it.
Another popular quote from Kilgariff: "Just get a job, buy your own shit, and stay out of the forest."
This one takes the same sentiment and somehow makes it creepier.
...and don't get mur... oh, you get the point.
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