The Only Thing Cooler Than Lush's New Jelly Masks Are The Women Behind Them

Joan of Arc got a golden statue in Paris. Cleopatra got three Ancient Egyptian obelisks. Harriet Tubman got a charter school, sculptures, and a national park. As for the badass women heading up Lush Cosmetics? Well, they get their very own beauty products — and soon you can get them, too.

Starting September 1, the brand will be introducing a range of sweet-smelling, seaweed-packed Jelly Face Masks, each of which has a story tied to five powerful women who've helped build Lush into the billion-dollar business it is today. Let this, coupled with the fact that 67% of the company's directors are women, be your proof that the future (of skin care) is female.

Supporting a leading lady has never looked so good — see what we mean, ahead.

FOMO: Inspired by Mo Constantine, co-founder

You can thank Constantine for your beloved bath bombs — she's the woman who invented the company's very first orbs, which came about as a way to enjoy soaks in the tub without irritating her sensitive skin. That's why Lush dedicated this gentle mask — chock full with soothing calamine, rose, and neroli — to the O.G. herself.

Lush FOMO Jelly Face Mask, $13.95, available at Lush USA on September 1.
Birth Of Venus: Inspired by Rowena Bird, co-founder

Befittingly named after the National Venus Award (a.k.a. the Oscars for business women in the U.K.) that Bird won earlier this month, this sea water- and carrageenan seaweed-infused treatment hydrates just as well as the brand's iconic Argan Body Conditioner. (Which, for the record, she also created.)

Lush Birth Of Venus Jelly Face Mask, $13.95, available at Lush USA on September 1.
Just To Clarify: Inspired by Liz Smith, U.K. manufacturing manager

In what can only be described as the beauty equivalent to Gary Coleman's "Whatcha talkin' bout Willis" tagline, Smith's signature phrase has made its permanent mark on her very own face mask. Packed with fresh orange, papaya juice, and bamboo extract, it smells just as fresh as it'll make your skin look.

Lush Just To Clarify Jelly Face Mask, $13.95, available at Lush USA on September 1.
1,000 Millihelens: Inspired by Helen Ambrosen, co-founder

Yes, Lush is giving Ambrosen's first name a nod here, but it's more than that: Her background as a microbiologist is also the reason behinds its earthy, detoxifying ingredients and cheeky units of measurement.

Lush 1,000 Millihelens Jelly Face Mask, $13.95, available at Lush USA on September 1.
Bunny Moon: Inspired by Claire Constantine, store manager

Not only is she the manager of the largest Lush store in the world (on Oxford Street in London), but Constantine and her honeymoon also served as the inspiration behind this honey-based treatment. (Hence the name — and the star ingredient.)

Lush Bunny Moon Jelly Face Mask, $13.95, available at Lush USA on September 1.
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