The Top Fall Jewelry Trends According To Etsy

Hosting more than 45 million unique items to buy, Etsy is the new digital form of a world bazaar. Anything you can think up — from furniture to fan-made Bieber charm bracelets to bikinis for cats — can be found among its seemingly endless pages. But amidst the strange and interesting items, there's also a growing under-the-radar community of amazing designers (1.8 million creative sellers to be exact) that host their shops on the site.

With such a bustling online marketplace of handcrafted items, knowing where to start is key. And since it takes a tricky game of keywords to find what you're looking for, Etsy's experts are here to help. Based on shopper data, the site has crunched together a fall trend guide that features its top searched jewelry styles for the upcoming season. According to the retailer, the Etsy Trend Guide is "a compilation of fresh trends our experts are noticing across Etsy and the industry as a whole: what sellers are creating, what shoppers are loving, and what’s hot right now in the wider market."

For a leg-up on what to keep your eye on this fall, we've compiled the highlights ahead.

Clear Concepts
The online marketplace has seen an uptick in Etsy jewelers experimenting with resin, which may be due to it's malleable state and widespread availability. Resin, a naturally translucent substance, can easily be tinted with different colors, resulting in multiple design possibilities. However, most jewelers are leaving their resin un-dyed, creating a minimalistic, blank slate perfect for those who like to keep their baubles more low-key.
Atuko White Rope Resin Bracelet, $36.00 Buy
Are you sick of us saying the '90s are back yet? Because we're going to repeat it once more. Love it or hate it, the anklet revival is here. But, instead of puka-shells and braided hemp versions, Etsy shoppers are searching for understated and delicate metal chains. Sure, autumn isn't exactly sandal season, but these pair just as well with our cropped pants and mules.
Avnisme Personalized Anklet, $45.00 Buy
Cool Clay
According to Etsy, more than 125,000 results pop up for polymer clay jewelry on the site, so it might be time to get on-board with this growing trend. Polymer clay's versatility — and as an easy to get material, approachability — makes this an amateur jeweler's go-to. It has the ability to "mimic popular metals" or even "pose as porcelain," all while remaining an affordable option for designers and shoppers alike.
Colour Work Half Circle Dangly Earrings, $28.82 Buy
Not Your Grandma's Pearls
Somewhere along the way, receiving a hand-me-down of your family's pearls became a present you'd tuck away in a box as opposed to a present you'd wear on occasion. The new offerings on Etsy are giving pearls a fresh reboot with minimalist, contemporary compositions that stray far from the strands of the past. Etsy reports that there's currently "more than 600,000 listings for pearl jewelry" on its site, so whether jewelers are using real or imitation pearls, these designs are the most popular: "cocktail rings and ear cuffs in geometric shapes and small wearable sculptures with a single gleaming pearl as the exquisite centerpiece."
Dorota Todd Silver Ear Cuff with White Pearls, $100.08 Buy
Grown-Up Friendship Bracelets
BFF jewelry has seen an evolution from two-piece heart charm necklaces. Now, Etsy sellers are taking our nostalgic love of matching items and reinventing the trend with grown-up interpretations. Think: personalized matching leather bracelets, tasseled textile bangles, and metal cuffs. Luckily, these iterations sound a bit more durable than our ratty braided string bracelets of the past.
Everli Jewelry Braided Friendship Cuff, $90.00 Buy
Everyday Opal
As the demand for alternative engagement ring designs has risen, so has the appearance of opals. The 'modern' bride is focusing less on traditional gems and more on moonstones and opals as a unique way to distinguish the special occasion jewelry. But, the more opals appear in the marketplace, the more demand there is for them in everyday jewelry; the rainbow-esque color is what millennial dreams are made of, making opals a hit for fall.
Therese Kuempel Opal Crystal Cluster Earrings, $60.00 Buy
Up Next for 2018: Mix-and-Match Earrings
Etsy's resident trend expert predicts that our 2018 Etsy feed will be full of mismatched earrings. Dubbed the cool "crossover jewelry trend," mix-and-match pieces are finding their way from high-fashion runways to accessible Etsy shops, and the endless ways to wear the trend means anyone can pull it off.
Reason to Be Pretty Mismatched Wood Earrings, $38.00 Buy
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