These Tattoos Were Made For Manicure Fans

After dropping $80 on a fancy manicure, the last thing anyone wants is for it to go unnoticed. But what if there was a way to guarantee that no one misses out on seeing your totally rad (and pricey) polish? Cuticle tattoos are the answer — and they're about to be a major game changer for your manicure.

According to PopSugar, these tiny finger tattoos are exactly what the name suggests: small designs, dots, and lines that are placed directly next to the cuticle on one or more fingers. Think of them as midi rings, but cooler — and way more permanent. However, just like other tattoos placed on spots that tend to fade fast, cuticle tattoos might need some touching up through the years. Also, a PSA to anyone with low pain tolerance: these tattoos will hurt, thanks to how bony fingers tend to be.

Of course, if you're not quite ready to make that amount of commitment yet, you can always test out this look with flash tattoos. Some brands even have designs specifically made to fit your cuticle area. Praise.

Click through to check out some of our favorite cuticle designs. From minimal dots to graphic designs, there's a little ink for everyone. And trust us when we say your manicure has never looked this good.

For the ultimate minimal design, try a mixture of thin lines and tiny dots.
Pair your simple dots with an ornate mani and all eyes will be on you.
This design features more dots on longer fingers — plus several dot sizes – to give a dimensional look.
Which came first: the tattoo or the Adidas logo?
Highlight just one nail on each hand for something that's more unexpected...
Or load up each finger with multiple tattoos.
Tip: Add dots to your mani to create a cohesive look.
These understated dots look so good next to statement rings.
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