Salma Hayek Looked Completely Unrecognizable At Cannes

Photo: Venturelli/Getty Images.

Salma Hayek’s transformation into Frida Kahlo for the 2002 film Frida was so believable it earned her an Oscar nomination, but off the big screen, you can generally rely on the actress to stick close to her own signature look. Throughout Hayek’s career, we’ve never taken her for the beauty-chameleon type — until last night, when she showed up at the Women in Motion event at Cannes Film Festival looking barely recognizable in retro rose-gold waves courtesy of celebrity colorist Aura Friedman.

Make no mistake: This one's a wig, but considering Salma’s hair color has only ever fluctuated from dark brown to slightly less dark brown in the past, the temporary switch-up was a big change. In fact, it seems like she might have drawn some inspiration for the shade from the pink and green floral appliqués on her Gucci dress — a nice coordinating touch for a glamorous night out in Cannes.

Apparently Salma was as fond of the look as we are, because she wasted no time sharing some snaps to her Instagram before heading out for the event. And after. And a Boomerang, too, for good measure.

We’re not used to seeing the star like this — as in, wearing candy-colored wigs that could very well have been borrowed from Nicki Minaj — but we fully support the decision. It's hard to go wrong with rose gold, after all.

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