Are These Celebrity Fan Tattoos Awesome Or Creepy? You Decide

We've all taken our celebrity crushes a little too far. (Hell, I wore John Mayer's favorite perfume to his concert.) But while many people prefer to keep their embarrassing obsessions to themselves, others choose to showcase their love for everyone to see — with big, bold, extremely permanent portrait tattoos.

Sure, you might consider getting your favorite artist's album artwork on your arm or a lyric down your collarbone, but would you dare get 2Chainz's face etched on your body? Well, in some dark corners of the Internet — namely, Instagram — you might. And we're here to find them for you.

Click ahead to see some of the most elaborate tattoos done in the likeness of a fan’s favorite celebrity. Then imagine running into someone who has your face on their lower back. Cool or creepy? You decide.

Britney Spears

In case you're in the .001 percent of people who forgot about Britney's iconic red latex bodysuit, this tattoo is here to remind you.
Keith Richards & Mick Jagger

There's nothing better than two best friends immortalized forever in a tattoo. Unless two best friends got this tattoo together. Now, that would be epic.
Billie Joe Armstrong

Our question: How many kids wanted this tattoo in the days of "American Idiot" — and whose parents shut them down?
Amy Winehouse

It wouldn't be an accurate portrait of the beloved late singer without her signature beehive and cat eye.

Although this is technically a tattoo of a fictional character, the love for The Walking Dead's Negan is real. And the actor who plays him, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, probably gets a kick out of seeing this, too.
Ryan Gosling

This depiction of Gosling not only expertly shows off the actor's IRL stubble, but it also pays homage to his role in La La Land.
Michael Jordan

Whether it's your Jordan year or not, this tattoo is perfect for any '90s Bulls fan.

Would it even be a 2Chainz tattoo without his two gold chains?
Kanye West

"It ain't easy being Yeezy." It's probably pretty painful too, in the case of this extremely detailed tattoo.
Kim Kardashian West

Kim's famous crying face will be remembered forever, especially by this fan who looks at it every. single. morning.
Lady Gaga

While the singer rocks her dark roots now, she once was the queen of multicolored wigs — making the tattoo possibilities endless.
David Bowie

Even Gaga has a celebrity tattoo of her own, depicting the late David Bowie. She documented the entire process online for fans to see.

And Drake has a tattoo of his favorite singer, Sade, as well.
Michael Jackson

This photo was reposted by an Instagram account selling numbing cream, which should clue you in on the pain level of getting a grayscale tattoo of this size. But, man, was it worth it.

A true depiction of Nas including his signature mole.
Paris Hilton

The crowning stan achievement? Having your celeb crush repost a picture of your tattoo: "So sweet when my fans get tattoos of me. #TrueFan," Hilton wrote, as a million other fans sobbed in jealousy.

Now this is accurate fan art of a Lorde performance. We love the simple design — and those Adidas kicks.
Childish Gambino

This fan got Childish Gambino's Because The Internet album artwork on his arm — and it practically jumps out at you.
Jessica Alba

Alba is another celebrity to admire her fan's dedication. She took this video of a police officer who has her face, complete with a traditional Mexican Sugar Skull design, on his arm.
Taylor Swift

While most fans prefer a line of lyrics, this Swifty went for the singer's entire mug.
John Mayer

Mayer's handful of tattoos are impressive, but his fan's ink is even better.
Gigi Hadid

Gigi Hadid's face covers this one fan's entire arm – front and back.
Hillary Clinton

The dedication is real for HRC. The same fan also got a tattoo of her daughter Chelsea and allegedly wants one of Bill next, according to Time.
Cardi B

Let's be real, we all love Cardi B. But one guy took his fandom to a new level by etching his body with a Cartier bangle and a Louboutin stiletto. Fitting.

This fan paid attention to every detail — right down to the Ctrl singer's freckles.
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