Can You Tell If These Celeb Hair Changes Were Real Or Fake?

Pick a female celebrity in the public eye — any celebrity. Now think back to all the hairstyles she's worn in the past few months. If the star in mind is a Kardashian or Jenner, appears on Pretty Little Liars, or has a massive Instagram following, it's likely she's toggled between tumbling curls and shoulder-length hair — and numerous shades — at least a couple of times.

The reality is, major hair changes made at a dizzying pace is the new normal — and half the time, it's just for the day. How? Tried-and-true pro tricks make the use of wigs, extensions, hair pieces, and even clever styling, remarkably seamless — and nearly impossible to detect.

Prepared to test your hair knowledge? Ahead, we’ve assembled some of Hollywood’s most covetable hair looks to hit the red carpet and Instagram as of late. Some of which are real haircuts, while others are simply the work of an ultra-talented glam squad.

Don't worry, even we couldn't get every single answer correct — but it's sure fun to try.

Photo: Victor Boyko/Getty Images for Dior.
Kendall Jenner
Thanks to a calendar full of modeling gigs, Jenner works with the world’s top hairstylists — each ready to give her a cool new cut on any given shoot. Here she is in her latest look: baby bangs.

But, are they real or fake?
As cool as these pin-up bangs look, they were achieved with a hair piece, not scissors.
Photo: Via kristin_ess/Instagram.
Lucy Hale
These thick, lash-skimming bangs are good enough to replicate...
But before you pick up the scissors — or book an appointment with your stylist — know this: these bangs came from The Hair Shop in Los Angeles and were taped into place.

Still want the look? (We do too.) Hale’s hairstylist Kristin Ess shows us how to get it for ourselves, here.
Photo: Via streicherhair/Instagram.
Alison Brie
This on-trend shag is giving us major ‘80s flashbacks — and hair envy at the same time...
As Brie’s stylist Ashley Streicher revealed in an Instagram post, the cut was made for Brie herself — and it couldn’t look better.
Photo: Via chrisappleton1/Instagram.
Kim Kardashian
Considering how much the Kardashian crew loves to change their hair — controversial cornrows and mid-length chops included — this look didn't surprise us.
But what did shock us is that the whole look comes courtesy of a wig.
Photo: Via itsashbenzo/Instagram.
Ashley Benson
Using a beanie to conceal a wig's tell-tale giveaways is one of the oldest tricks in the book...
...but as it appears, Benson wasn’t hiding a temporary hair piece. In the weeks after this picture was taken, the star revealed that these bleached locks were actually a precursor to a rose gold dye job.
Photo: Via patrickta/Instagram.
Shay Mitchell
At this point, what star hasn’t gone for a sleek lob styled with a deep side part?
The answer: Mitchell, who employed a wig to wear the look for one day only.
Photo: Via leamichele/Instagram.
Lea Michele
This look, created exclusively for Lea Michele’s upcoming album cover, is a nostalgic throwback to the fringed style she wore during her Glee years...
As stylist Nikki Lee revealed, the OG look was brought back IRL — and our inner Gleek couldn’t love it more.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
Taraji P. Henson
Henson is known to switch up her hair look often. So when we saw this chic bob, styled with a deep part and made even more dope with a side-shaved accent, trust, we wanted to believe it was for real and not a clever faux version...
And we were right! What's more, the look that Henson wore to the SAG Awards is making a major case for going shorter.
Photo: Kevin Mazur/Getty Images.
We never thought we’d see the day when Kim Kardashian lopped off her long, wavy hair. But then, celebrity stylist Jen Atkin gave the reality star a legit lob in 2015 — and all bets were off.
Though this long shag looks right in sync with Kardashian’s style, it’s actually a wig, styled by celebrity stylist Christopher Appleton.
Photo: Getty Images.
Jourdan Dunn
There's no denying that super, super long hair has swept Hollywood...
And as you might have guessed, most of that length, in fact, is not real. More work from Appleton, to be exact.
Photo: Via jenatkinhair/Instagram.
Lily Collins
With the addition of long bangs, Lily Collins’ look goes from pretty to edgy...
But, alas, the transformation is just for a day, as celebrity stylist Jen Atkin created the look with a hair piece.
Photo: Via riawnacapri/Instagram.
Nina Dobrev
Did Dobrev just jump on the lob bandwagon? Or, is this another clever use of a wig or tuck under that looks like the real thing?
Stylist Riawna Capri announced that she created the on-trend cut via Instagram last week.
Photo: Michael Tran/FilmMagic.
Yara Shahidi
Shahidi is the queen of embracing her curls and switching up her style — but is this chop real, or just another clever faux bob?
The brilliantly-sculpted cut uses the actress’s natural texture to create both smooth and voluminous effects — it's real!
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Gigi Hadid
One more mystery bob comin' at you...
Hadid turned heads last year when she debuted what appeared to be a short new chop, but it was later revealed that the cut came courtesy of a wig that was cut in half and secured to the back of her head.
Photo: Getty Images.
Gina Rodriguez
Think you have the faux bob game figure out? Our last one just may stump you...
Believe it or not, this bob is real — a major cut that Rodriguez originally debuted on Instagram.
Photo: Steve Granitz/WireImage.
Sarah Jessica Parker
Parker served up one of the most unique hair looks of the Golden Globes, thanks to blond fishtail braids pinned into an updo.
Though the hair looked like her own, an Instagram post by the actress later revealed that the braids had been clipped into her hair.
Photo: Via amandlastenberg/Instagram.
Amandla Stenberg
A few weeks back, actress Amandla Stenberg shared this on-set photo from a film she had wrapped, in which she played a biracial character growing up in Nazi Germany...
Thought the close-cropped look could have been made in the film’s hair and makeup department, Stenberg revealed that she had actually shaved her head for the part.
Photo: Gregg DeGuire/FilmMagic.
Jenna Dewan Tatum
Slick styling and choppy layers — Tatum’s hairstyle is so good, it almost looks a little too perfect...
Hey, what can we say? We can't get every single one right — this chop is real.
Photo: Via kyliejenner/Instagram.
Kylie Jenner
Jenner fans know she has a wig closet with enough styles to keep us guessing every day, so knowing what’s real and what’s not is particularly tricky.
Though this short platinum bob was good enough to pass as the real thing, it’s actually a wig from her growing collection.
Photo: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images.
Ariel Winter
Did Winter get fresh bangs cut for the Critic’s Choice Awards in December?
An Instagram post shared a week later showed that she still had long layers in tact.
Photo: Noam Galai/WireImage.
Katy Perry
When suiting up for the Women’s March this month, Katy Perry opted for mint-rimmed glasses, a shearling hat, and a new blond bob...
In a move that surprised even us, it turns out Perry's 'do was real!
Photo: Nicholas Hunt/Getty Images.
Bella Hadid
Short, piecey bangs and a lived-in topknot is a go-to look for the model, seen here at a Dior Beauty event in October...
But it was short lived — just two days later, Hadid was spotted sans bangs. Since, she’s revisited the fringed look, most recently with the help of celebrity stylist Jen Atkin in January.
Photo: Sean Gallup/Getty Images.
Jennifer Lawrence
Lawrence has ping ponged between long and short hair since first entering the public eye...
Though this long wavy look seems perfectly natural on the blond, it’s actually the result of strategically placed extensions.
Photo: Via harryjoshhair.Instagram.
Olivia Wilde
Ultra-long hair has always been Olivia Wilde’s mainstay — so much that we doubt the actress would deviate from her tried-and-true style.
Turns out, we were wrong: stylist Harry Josh created this long and layered lob for the actress.
Photo: Via tranterjustin/Instagram.
Selena Gomez
This mid-length hair style looks so good on Selena. But then again, so would a retro wig from the Joan Collins dynasty collection.
No wig is required, as it turns out, to get this gorgeous hair look. The singer has been rocking the shorter style for weeks now.
Photo: Via chloegmoretz/Instagram.
Chloë Grace Moretz
Who wouldn’t want to channel Mick Jagger? Chloë Grace Moretz makes a strong case for rocker fringe, but still, we wondered: are the bangs real?
Thankfully, this stellar look isn’t a flash in the pan; it was created for the actress by celebrity hairstylist Gregory Russell.
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