This Old Hilary Duff Disney Channel Promo Will Definitely Make You Cringe

Back in the day, there was one true tween ambition: To be a Disney Channel star. Every Disney Channel Original Movie or That's So Raven episode inspired a plain desire: to be the kid in those iconic Disney promos, proudly exclaiming, "Hey, I'm Hilary Duff from Lizzie McGuire, and you're watching Disney Channel."

Now, those old Disney promos — which aired between every two or three episodes of whatever was on the channel's lineup — have gone viral. Twitter user toulousevevo posted the outtakes from Duff's shoot, and Disney fans are cringing at how awkward it seems.

It starts out strong enough: Duff is wearing appliqué jeans like the tween queens of her era. She's smiling and seems close to a giggle.

And then, quite suddenly, it seems like Duff deflates: There's a lot of awkward mouth-breathing and belt-loop-grabbing. It's eerily reminiscent of, well, how awkward everyone else was in the early 2000s. Is she exhausted? Close to tears? Duff's promo becomes a little sad to watch, like we're peering behind the curtain of the tween fantasy that was Disney Channel stardom. Is nothing sacred?

also posted the outtakes from Raven-Symoné's shoot. It's only slightly less awkward, but she's not hiding her annoyance. Watch it, below.

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