Updated: Kylie Jenner Explains Meaning Of Mysterious Arm Tattoo

Update: Kylie has taken to Instagram to provide a closer look and reveal the meaning of her new tattoo.

“[My] grandmothers name in my grandfathers handwriting,” the caption reads.

Original story, published February 11 at 11:30 a.m., follows.

It's been more than a month since Kylie Jenner showed off her red , which means it's prime time for King Kylie to get inked again.

Right before Fashion Week, Kylie revealed her latest body art on Instagram. The tiny line of red script appears to be on her left bicep.

Kylie teased the new tattoo yesterday on Snapchat, where she shared three selfie snaps while getting inked by Jon Boy (which he later confirmed on Instagram) as Caitlyn Jenner looked on. Since Kylie is a pro by this point, she barely even winced.

This new tattoo looks vaguely familiar — it mimics her last few, all tiny and red. As to what it says or means? That has yet to be revealed. Classic Kylie — always keeping the mystery alive.

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