Alert: Kim Kardashian Has Chopped Off Her Hair

Though Beyoncé definitely broke the Internet/entire known universe with her surprise album dropped via Instagram a while back, Kim Kardashian is trying her best to blow minds tonight. No, we're not talking about her full-frontal nudity in Love Magazine. Rather, Double K plus W, has shattered her long-haired image with (what looks like) a shoulder-length blunt lob. 

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There's one thing you have to admit about her style, whether you love it, hate it, or spend most of your time on the Internet commenting about how horrible you find it: She's very consistent. Always more or less the same makeup, same flowing black hair, same minimalist outfits punctuated by the occasional glamazon dress.

The long bob is having such a moment. It's versatile, classically feminine (as Lauren Conrad showed with her lob a few months back), and Kim makes it look so fresh.

Long-haired Kim is gone. Short-haired Kim is here and she's ready to take over the world. And so, a new era begins. 

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