19 Outstanding Movie & TV Scenes Starring Cunning Linguists

Alright, you asked for it, and you're gonna get it. No, really: You literally asked for it in the comments of this post from last weekend — a roundup of the most wondrous, female-centered oral sex scenes in the (non-porn) movies.

Cunnilingus is back in the news lately because A.) why not, and B.) Gone Girl now-famously suggests the activity in one particularly excellent moment. But, of course, it's standing (sitting?) on the shoulders of many great scenes that came (oh, there are so many puns to be had) before.

Of course, it hasn't been an easy road. For years, oral sex scenes featuring women on the receiving end would be grounds for a deadly NC-17 rating, while a good old-fashioned BJ could keep you comfortably in R-rated territory. A double standard if we've ever seen one. Now, we like to think things are thankfully loosening up over at the MPAA.

Ahead, read up on our favorite scenes that broke the mainstream mold, then talk to your partner about how you two can help support this important cultural renaissance today.

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Gone Girl

In this psychological thriller, we explore Amy and Nick Dunne's marriage from every (disturbing) angle. But one good thing we'll give Mr. Dunne: he knows how to please a woman. The movie's first sex scene is of the cunnilingus variety.
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Pulp Fiction
"I think I cracked a rib."
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What a way to start a series, huh? A sex scene of such caliber in the very first episode set the tone for weeks to come, and while the rest of the premiere may not have been entirely gripping, Frank taking the plunge was enough to carry conversation in many a comments section. The first episode was also called "Sassenach," so...well, you see what we're getting at.
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How To Get Away With Murder
Another example of starting off with a bang. That Viola Davis sure is bold! First, she dares to be "less than classically beautiful" (gasp!) and then she goes and does a downright filthy thing on network television. If you ask us, we can't wait to see what comes next.
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Boys Don't Cry
Just like the movie as a whole, this scene shows one of the many ways gender manifests itself in relationships and in sex. Extra points for doing something pretty subversive without ever seeming like it's trying too hard.
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The Counselor
Another bombastic opening scene from an all-around bonkers movie. Michael Fassbender and Penelope Cruz is a combination that should be mandated by law to appear on screen at least once per year. Thanks to R29 commenter Erin for the suggestion!
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Orange Is the New Black
Lots of oral sex going on in present and past here, but Nicky Nichols is clearly the resident pro.
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Blue Valentine
This movie deserved an NC-17 rating for pure heartbreakery. It did not deserve to be NC-17 for the sex, which was intense but far from obscene in our book — though it did dare to offer an actual depiction of oral rather than the typically winky head disappearing out the bottom of the frame. The MPAA ultimately overturned the decision and brought it down to R, but not before Michelle Williams and Ryan Gosling got the word out.
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Sex and the City
A pioneer in so many ways. Top of the list has to be the teachable moment when Samantha's short-lived lesbian lover Maria makes her realize she doesn't actually know everything. Followed in close second by Mr. Pussy.
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The Good Wife
This is one of the most undeniable — as in, nobody can pretend he's just kissing her bellybutton — man-to-woman oral sex scenes to hit non-premium television. Julianna Marguiles once said show co-creater Michelle King was "staging a sexual revolution" and she wasn't wrong.
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Black Swan
Natalie Portman and Mila Kunis' late-night love is the intense, no-holds-barred scene you've been wanting throughout the first act of this almost unbearably tense, restrained film. But, it's also the tipping point when things start to get truly out of hand.
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Flannel Pajamas
A weird, offbeat, very sweet movie that's worth seeing regardless of your position on oral activities. But, the scene in question is realistic in a way that is truly rare for sex scenes of any kind.
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Curb Your Enthusiasm
Can we get a little comic relief here? Larry David obviously makes everything incredible, including getting a pubic hair stuck in your mouth when performing oral sex. That throat-clearing sound is one we will never forget. Prettay, prettay, prettayyyy good.
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Away We Go
Many factors at play here. On the one hand, John Krasinski = Yes. On the other hand, beard = maybe no, maybe stop...that tickles. On the third hand (deal with it), it's another charmingly real scene that deviates from the moaning, writhing stereotype of female pleasure to present something a lot more relatable.
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A History of Violence
There is a lot of very intense sex in this movie that merits a lot of discussion, among other, equally intense subjects touched upon in the film. And, anything Maria Bello does generally has an energy that makes you both excited and uncomfortable. The 69 scene in this film is realistic not in the charming way of Flannel Pajamas and Away We Go, but in a gritty, jarring way that nonetheless sticks with you.
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Monster's Ball
So, this scene is decidedly more about the aforementioned moaning and writhing, but Halle Berry makes it convincing. Because she is just that good.
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Game of Thrones
Also known as the time Ygritte discovered the one thing Jon Snow might actually know.
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40 Days and 40 Nights
You guys remember Josh Hartnett? He did a thing with a flower in this movie, and while it might not constitute oral sex from a technical standpoint, it was definitely cheesy and sexy and great, and we are putting it in this slideshow whether you like it or not.
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In The Cut
We are adding this scene at the very valid behest of commenter Georgina, and also because Mark Ruffalo is a scruffy, lovable adonis.
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