Spruce Up Your Space With These Pretty Wallpapers

By Elsie Larson

This past year, I changed the way I felt about wallpaper.

Actually, I would say we — wallpaper and I — fell in love. I guess there was always a (little) part of my heart that loved wallpaper. It's just that 99% of what I see isn't my cup of tea. Occasionally, there is a granny floral that sweeps me off my feet, but most of the time (ESPECIALLY while house shopping), I would see wallpaper as a chore or an obstacle. I couldn't imagine myself spending so much money on something that a future owner would immediately rip from the walls. Paint is typically much more affordable than wallpaper. I never made it a priority or gave it too much thought. 

Slowly, I started to notice that stores were carrying cooler and COOLER wallpaper. Every book, magazine, and blog I read had another stunning wallpapered wall. Lately, I've been shopping, ordering samples, and picking out the perfect assortment of patterns for my home. And in doing so, I discovered many more inspiring sources! Since I don't have unlimited walls to paper, I thought I would share them with you in case some of you are warming to wallpaper as well.

Oh, and if you're a renter, skip to the end of the slideshow for my favorite removable wallpaper source. 

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