5 Steps To Getting Your Bathroom Organized

I'm not pretending to have a degree in "Bathroom Organization," but I do feel pretty confident in my organizational instincts, so just go with me on this one. As much as I love keeping an organized space, it just doesn't always stay that way in the real world, and every so often I need to regroup and give myself an organizing intervention. I realized I may have come to that point in our master bathroom when every time I needed an item, I would end up digging through drawers and cupboards that had become layer upon layer of different items.

Also, when you are trying to straighten your hair and there is no open space on the bathroom counter to even set your flat iron, well, that means a change is in order. If you are feeling like me and need a little motivation to get your bathroom space in order, then follow along and let's get to it.

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