Ugg Wants To Make Its Boots More Swagger-y

What do you do when you find yourself at the helm of a once-hot brand that's now feels a bit dated? You rebrand, of course. And, that's exactly what Ugg Australia is doing, Business Insider reports, and the proof is in its latest ad campaign.
The classic black-and-white shots are quite a change from the brand's naked-but-for-Uggs and Western-themed sweater-boots ads. In it, model Langley Fox-Hemingway thoughtfully sketches while wearing a white tuxedo shirt, leather pants, and — what else? — snakeskin-print Uggs. Elsewhere, architect Harry Gesner frolics on a beach in multigenerational splendor with his wetsuit-wearing family of male model-types (surfboards and trusty mutt in tow, of course). The famous lineage is heavily invoked, as is the word "heritage." But, Ugg loses us somewhat when it states that its "rich heritage...dates back to the beaches of Southern California in 1978." Hey guys, we're almost heritage!
Of course, getting back to the brand's beachy roots should be an easy sell now that Soho and other hipster enclaves are filled with Saturdays-shopping wannabe surfer dudes with boards strapped atop their BMWs. Ugg has long been the brand of the outdoorsy type — translating it to an urban setting is where the challenge comes in. But, that's not stopping Ugg from trying.
Ugg asked blogger Marcus Troy to style the Ugg classic sheepskin boot in a fashion-forward way, which Troy gamely tackled. We're not sure the sheepskin boot plus selvage denim look will set the men's style sphere on fire this fall, but Ugg deemed this "dose of swagger and lesson in styling" a success.
Click ahead to see the new, heritage-y look of Ugg. Does this mean we can stop wearing our pair exclusively as slippers and (gasp!) take them out in public again?

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