The Dos & Don'ts Of Wedding-Guest Attire: Celebrity Edition

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The "what to wear" question usually strikes us even before we send back our RSVP for an upcoming wedding. We consider location, the dress code (if the invitation specifies one, that is), and, of course, the couple getting married. And, while the query itself doesn't call for an immediate freakout, the closer the big day creeps, the more the pressure builds. So, consider the slides ahead your personal 10-step guide to crafting a wedding-guest look that feels so much more special than just slipping into your worn-to-death LBD.
As for who to send a thank-you note to, these tips are barely even ours. We've compiled some of the prettiest, coolest, and most Champagne-toast worthy, dance-floor ready looks worn by celebrities this year. Not only were these ensembles red carpet hits, but they're sure to inspire your wardrobe for any lovefests currently in your iCal. Read 'em and weep (hey, it's a wedding — you're allowed!).
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DO Separates
We're firm believers that every person, and every occasion, can benefit from a crop top. Weddings are no exception. Keep your look monochrome, as Mindy Kaling demonstrates, and accent with small pops of color or texture. Or, feel free to clash and mix things up. But, more on that to come...
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DON'T Underestimate Your Basic Tees
Some of the simplest items in our closet can be the most magical. Specifically, a T-shirt. Kerry Washington shows that a plain, solid-color tee can be paired with a statement skirt for a look that's equal parts festive and casual. Consider this your new styling trick to use when your best friends have rented out your favorite neighborhood cocktail bar for their big-day celebrations. (And, yep, even the bride can do it.)
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DO Adjust To Your Environment
Whether you're a wide-brim kind of lady, like Lupita Nyong'o, or more into fascinators, keep head gear in mind for any outdoor parties. It could be a lifesaver for those two-hour ceremonies in the sun.
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DON'T Shock The Great-Grandparents
Know your audience. Is your friend or family member having a very traditional, religious ceremony? Will the guests be on the conservative side? You may want to consider a few simple silhouette adjustments, like covering your shoulders and keeping your dress hem closer to your knees. Of course, that's not to say you can't party, too. This glittery shift dress on Sarah Hyland is sorta the best of both words.
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DO Keep It In Your Comfort Zone
Dress codes may be customary, but what's even more important is feeling like yourself in whatever you're wearing, even at someone else's party. Not a fan of frocks? Try a tuxedo à la Ellen Page (or any other Saint Laurent muse). Hate dressy stilettos? By all means, find a party flat that won't make you cringe (or tumble). A wedding is all about celebrating people you care about, which you can't really do so well if you're squirming and fidgeting awkwardly in your outfit.
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DON'T Shun White
You can wear white to a wedding that is not your own, BUT only very thoughtfully. A simple pop of white can be added by way of a crop top. This Taylor Swift look allows you to forgo a traditional dress and mix and match pieces. Keep your bottoms and accessories in a deeper or more intrepid color (no eggshell tones — that's pushing it).
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DO Mix Trends
Prints and metallics blend so beautifully together, especially when everything is kept in one similar color family. Doesn't Uzo Aduba look like a goddess here? The all-over gold look — from dress, to bag, to jewels — is perfect for a formal evening under the stars.
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DON'T Wear Something You Can't Get Down In
Remember: Weddings are parties! (Well, many are, but check the invite first.) Wear something that will allow you to stay on the dance floor all night and maybe even well into the morning. A vibrant-colored jumpsuit, like Dakota Fanning's, could prove to be just the thing for the nuptials of your two favorite party animals.
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DO Make Black Tie Edgy
If you're not the kind of lady who usually wears silk gowns in pastel shades, someone else's wedding is not the time to start. Take that "black tie" instruction on the invitation and make it work for you. We're still gushing over Emma Watson's Academy Awards look that was part muscle tee and part mermaid gown. It's edgy, and yet completely appropriate for the fanciest of fêtes.
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DON'T Forget Accessories
No, we're not suggesting you'd actually leave your bag at home. But, don't just sling that basic, black-satin pouch over your shoulder again. Pick coordinating but slightly clashing pieces — like Melissa McCarthy's snakeskin clutch — that will stand out from the rest of your look. This is a great trick for those City Hall weddings or outdoor ceremonies that may require you to stand with your accessories rather than leave them at a banquet table.

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