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Lately, it's taken nearly all our willpower not to think about sun rays, long weekends, and beach hair — from the actual beach and not a bottle. But, there's really no bigger buzzkill than hours of trying on bathing suits that epically fail to do your body justice. And, the fact is, your swimwear is probably the skimpiest outfit you'll don in public, so just feeling "alright" in it won't cut it.
To spare you the stress (and time that could be better spent outdoors), we've outlined the 12 most common body types and the tips for finding a suit that feels practically made for you. After all, once you're on the beach, at the pool, or walking the boardwalk, you shouldn't have to worry about anything other than whether you pick an SPF 30 or 50. Ahead, take a peek at the 48 most flattering bikinis and one-piece wonders that will have you stoked — never stressed out— about ditching the cover-up.

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An apple-shaped body is where a woman's waistline is her largest measurement, so look for a bathing suit that breaks up the line of your body. Choose a sexy and flattering deep V-neck that elongates and highlights your neck and chest. Not into a super-plunging style? Try one with a zipper that lets you choose how much you dip.
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Sure, ballerinas are graceful, but they're also super strong. And, you are, too. Play up your athleticism — and tall, lean physique — in suits that resemble sportswear. Frills are lovely, but trust these square-shaped, clean-lined two-pieces are going to make cannonballing a lot more exciting.
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If you're generously endowed on top, there is one thing you can't compromise on: support. First and foremost, look for a bikini that has underwire, as well as straps that are sturdy and can be adjusted to fit your frame. Because you're already working with some killer curves, stick to a simpler, overall silhouette and try experimenting instead with creative prints and colors. Also, don't neglect your lower half. Skip the skimpy bottoms and choose one that has a thicker waistband; it will balance out your larger proportion on top.
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Small Chest
If you're the kind of lady who's small enough on top that you hardly even bother wearing bras, don't feel like you need to break out the push-ups once you hit the beach (unless, that's your thing). For a small-chested woman, a bikini top with flowy draping is flattering, sophisticated, and doesn't look like you're just faking a larger cup size. Let these pretty ruffles act as the perfect sartorial frame for your silhouette.
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Long Torso — You have the perfect, elongated figure to rock an exaggerated, high-cut swimsuit. The fit will fake the appearance of a higher-set waist and help emphasize your legs.
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Botticelli Babe
Finding the right swimsuit is all about pinpointing a cut that really does your body proud. While maillots have a bit of a retro vibe, they are also incredibly flattering for a woman who has curves — for days. The body-hugging seams — whether running up and down the front of the torso or around a ruched bodice — will help define your silhouette, and the sweetheart neckline will highlight your décolletage and shoulders.
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Plain and simple: You have hips and a derrière that could rival Beyoncé. Therefore, be sure to choose a swimsuit that balances the rest of your shape, as well. A strapless bandeau creates a horizontal line across your torso and creates the appearance of width that will perfectly counter your generous bottom. We say choose a classic bikini silhouette for the bottom, unless you feel more comfortable with a fuller cut.
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Marilyn Monroe. Kim Kardashian. Hourglass figures are pretty easy to spot. They have equal proportions in the chest and hips, and a tiny waistline in between. It's a shape that can carry an incredibly diverse amount of styles. But, for this year's shore-side reveal, opt for a daring one-piece and choose cutouts that playfully highlight different parts (and different amounts) of your body. Choose to spotlight your sides, shoulders, or chest — whichever part's your favorite.
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Petite and Compact
String bikinis can be a pretty widely flattering shape, but we happen to think they were made with the petite lady in mind. With all adjustable ties, this kind of two-piece allows you to customize and tighten up your piece to ensure the perfect beach-ready fit (a.k.a. no secret underwater fidgeting with too-large suits).
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Short Torso
If your waist is naturally high and your legs extra long, choose a swimsuit that sits low on the hips, giving you the appearance of a longer torso. Anything with a ruched waistband will allow you to adjust and scrunch to your liking.
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Boyish — Your proportions tend to be consistent throughout your body: your shoulders, waist, and hips are usually all the same measurement. With this in mind, choose for a swimsuit that helps to both create a few more curves but also honor your own shape. Think: an exaggerated sweetheart neckline for a bit of sexy support, slight frills that hug the torso, and a bold, all-over print that draws attention to your figure as a whole, not just one specific area.
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Like the vegetable, a carrot-shaped body is one that's much slimmer on bottom than on top. In order words, small legs and, yes, a petite booty. Add a bit of volume to these parts of your body with a bikini bottom that's ruffled, tiered, or skirted. No need to go over the top with accents, but these small embellishments give you a little extra boost and compliment your broader-on-top frame.
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