5 Small-Space Woes, 15 Clever Makeovers

It's one thing to vow to switch up your daily outfits, but it's a whole different beast to want to change things up in your apartment. Because, let's face it, a true "cheap home makeover" is rare — especially when you and Liberace wouldn't see eye to eye on the definition of cheap.
At the end of the day, furniture and decor are just plain expensive. But, there are some very clever ways that you can make whatever cash you're working with go a long way — and that certainly helps if you're starting out with a basic-blah-style, renter-standard apartment with as much built-in character as a cardboard box. In the pages ahead, we address five common decor woes and devise high-impact solutions for each at three very different price points. So, now you can feel like you're breathing new life into a dull space, whether you've got $20 or $2,000.

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