Editor Obsessions: A Random List Of R29's Must-Haves

Here at Refinery29's shopping department, we love a good buy. So much so that our weekend purchases often become the stuff of lively Monday morning chatter — which can sometimes even rise to the level of competitive bragging if the recently purchased item was especially unique or scored at a swindler-level discount. So, maybe you'd call it nosiness, but we took a spin around our offices to quiz a few of our staffers and find out what they're really buying for themselves right now.
Of course, when we say that, we're not talking about what they're researching for a story, not what's on their "wish list" if they had a cool $1,000 to spare, but what they were actually adding to their carts when we peered over their shoulders. Ahead, you'll find a QVC blender prompted by a Facebook friend's recent status update, some ridiculous head wear for a dozen bachelorettes, and a satisfying Fashion Week skirt purchase, among others. Yep, we've laid it all out. So, read on, and feel free to judge. Or, maybe you'll even want to get in on this most random shopping list, courtesy of R29.
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"There's this horrible thing that happens to me when I encounter a bunch of products displayed in a bin where I feel like I need to own one, no matter what it is: dish sponges, nail polishes, hair scrunchies, whatever. At the Liberty department store in London, I came across an acrylic bucket filled with Goe oil. And, in the midst of a bout of itchy, dry skin and facing a flight home, its skin-quenching promises and three-ounce size (carry-on-friendly!) felt like fate.

"After using it for a few days, I can say that it's truly magical. First, it moisturizes but soaks in quickly (unlike coconut oil), so I'm not leaving those annoying grease stains all over table tops and my own clothes. Second, it smells so botanical and intoxicating, it's hard for me to stop putting more on. And, third, it's totally natural, which is good for my sensitive, chemical-fearing skin. It's a pricey tube for a moisturizer, but it's made all the difference." —Connie Wang, style director

Goe Oil All Over Body Oil Balme, $44, available at Jao Brand.
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"Obviously, this is on my radar because it's an Alexander Wang excuse for wearing pajamas on the reg. I love the sporty feel of this T-shirt dress, and since I can picture it both over pants or just with scrunched socks and my white platform bluchers, it almost justifies the price tag." —Rachel Besser, fashion assistant

T By Alexander Wang Sandwashed Double Knit Football Tee Dress, $200, available at Forward by Elyse Walker.
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"I just had a couple of Moscow mules in the signature copper mug at the Bryant Park Hotel the other night, and I was reminded of how seriously I need my own set of copper mugs to make this delicious cocktail in style at home. Oh, and you can MONOGRAM them with your initials or tiny anchors. It's like they know me." —Tara Rasmus, assistant beauty editor

West Elm Moscow Mule Copper Mug, $24, available at West Elm.
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"I purchased this skirt as a last-minute Fashion Week buy, and it totally paid off. The unexpected zipper detailing and pastel colorblocking takes this straight, pencil silhouette to the next level — and without a designer price tag." —Ellen Hoffman, editorial assistant

Club Monaco Mori Skirt, $149.50, available at Club Monaco.
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"Throwing my sister's bachelorette party next month has led me to accrue some rather interesting charges on my credit card recently, and the purchase of a dozen of these Cap Sacs is only the tip of the iceberg. Hope the beach-bound ladies enjoy convenient pockets as much as they do high-concept/lowbrow head wear!" —Marissa Rosenblum, market director

Cap Sac Cap Sac and Visor Sac, $14.99 each, available at Cap Sac.
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"Ever since I first heard of the Vitamix, I knew I had to have it. Friends have said it has changed their lives, changed the way they eat, even changed the way they feel. That's a pretty big statement. The description claims the Vitamix will replace 15 of your most used kitchen appliances (who has 15 kitchen appliances in a New York City apartment?). And, then, it happened. I was scrolling through Facebook and noticed a friend's status telling the world the Vitamix is currently on sale on QVC! And, it's available in a multitude of colors. Just short of $500, it's bookmarked. I'm itching for a homemade very-berry smoothie right now. To pull the trigger or not... " —Jill Meisner, director of public relations

Vitamix Creations Turbo 64 oz. 15-in-1 Blender w/32 oz. Dry Container, $449, available at QVC.*

*Vitamix not sold with bounty of fruit.
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"I am currently obsessed with Lierac's Hydra-Chrono Intense Rehydrating Balm! It's one of the only products that's been able to save my face this winter. It's a gel-cream consistency, so it absorbs quickly yet packs a punch like a heavier moisturizer. It's a godsend." —Rebecca Taras, Chicago editor

Lierac Paris Hydra-Chrono + Intense Hydrating Balm 1.45 oz, $52, available at Beauty.com.
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"I discovered this awesome men’s store KAI D. on a walk in my neighborhood (Williamsburg, Brooklyn), and, let’s just say, it was hard coming out empty-handed. Each handmade item is unique, so rad, and totally withstands the test of time. I scored a military-esque utility shirt (that was on sale for $75) but have my eye on this tropical-print jacket for my next visit. It feels like an updated, way-cooler version of the Hawaiian prints my dad used to wear on the golf course." —Bobby Schuessler, fashion writer

KAI D. Ainslie Floral Jacket, $425, available at KAI D.
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"I'm a big Andrew Kuo fan, and I love when his art intersects with my life, like with these NYC nightlife spots." —Willow Lindley, associate fashion editor

Andrew Kuo Ten Years Of A NYC Life At Night Print, $95, available at Opening Ceremony.
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"The tomboy in me loves sports-inspired anything, and the girly girl in me loves crafty, colorful things. These arrows are perfect — I want a million of them to decorate my home. Plus, Jolie and Gabe of Fredericks & Mae make these by hand! My friend stuck a few of these in the soil of a small tree she keeps in her apartment, and it looks rad. I want to do the exact same thing." —Jinnie Lee, staff writer

Fredericks & Mae Handmade Arrow, $95, available at Fredericks & Mae.
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"I like wearing shoes that add some height and are still unique. The sturdy soles on these make it easy and comfortable to run around town, and black matches everything in my wardrobe. I would call these industrial menswear with a twist! Also, since these are $330 and completely out of my current budget, they're more on my wish list than actual shopping list. Something I am looking to get the moment it comes out is this issue of Garage magazine." —Sara Rabin, editorial intern

Mamut Western-Style Boot, $338, available at Assembly New York.

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