Your Horoscope For This Week — Feb 16 2014

Sayonara, Age of Aquarius, and hello, Pisces. The sun swims its way into the fish's house Tuesday, and with it comes a clean slate. So, go for whatever inkling you've had an itch for; dive right on in.
Wanderlust is in the air, and this is the week to start packing the bags for whatever adventure awaits. Grab friends and explore — we still have a few more weeks of winter left, after all. Perhaps a change of scenery isn't what's needed, though. Perhaps it's time to schedule that salon appointment, pull a Taylor Swift, and chop your locks. Or, it's time to bite the plastic and revamp that closet for the spring. Basically, it's the week to do you, and, if there was any week to do it, it's this. Let's go!

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