The 10 Pieces Your Closet Really Needs

There's an inevitable ebb and flow to which bits of your wardrobe you actually wear. For every couple of weeks you find yourself reaching for that one peplum top, that same piece will stay buried in the back of your closet for months. However, amidst your changeable, rotatable, seasonal clothing are a few staples that work hard no matter what sartorial mood you're in.
Unless you're a true iconoclast (in which case, get it girl!), this stable of essentials should serve you well for as long as your items hold up. Always on trend, always relevant, and always appropriate, these items are the pieces that'll elevate everything else you own. For those reasons, choose wisely. Though they're basics at heart, the pieces you pick should be perfectly aligned with your quirks. Ahead, check out the ten fashion staples every woman should own in a few fun options that'll satisfy almost any taste.

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