A Promise Of Sun: The Best Bronzers By Skin Tone

Bronzer has to be one of the most controversial makeup products out there. In our experience, women either love it or hate it, and we don't blame them. If the wrong shade or method of application of bronzer is used, a woman can end up orange or even worse, dirty. We have to say that we'd take a washed-out complexion over looking like we just lost a mud-wrestling contest any day.
So, to get the full story on how every woman can find her perfect bronzer, we reached out to celebrity makeup artist Merrell Hollis, who set us straight on how to get a glow right. "When choosing a bronzer, I usually go for one that's browner in color and one to two shades darker than your skin — not an orangey bronzer," says the makeup artist. "I also look for one that has a beautiful sheen, not shimmer." To find a powder that jibes with your skin tone, Hollis recommends applying the product to your inner wrist, which is a part of the body that usually reflects the natural undertones of your skin. If the product doesn't appear to clash on this part of the body, it'll probably work on your face.
Once you've selected your perfect shade, it's all about the application. For fair skin tones, Hollis prefers to use a fan brush, which gives him the greatest control over the product and prevents him from applying too much. Deeper skin tones can handle heavier powders and cream textures (which Hollis loves for their ability to melt into the skin and become undetectable). Click through to check out Hollis' go-to bronzers for every skin tone — we have a feeling that they'll brighten up your cold winter Monday!

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