A Workout Playlist To Beat Your Winter Blues

IMG_4344_JensIngvarssonPhotographed By Jens Ingvarsson.
Whether we are conscious of it or not, sound surrounds us virtually every moment of the day. There are good sounds — ones that soothe, calm, heal, energize, or simply make us smile — and those which have the opposite effect, stressing both body and mind. (Think sirens, jackhammers, lawnmowers, and so on.) Because sound can create both positive and negative responses throughout the body, it’s important to be conscious of the types of sound we’re exposing ourselves to every day. Of course, this includes during our workouts!
Combining music and exercise is one of the easiest ways out there to help yourself feel great, which is why I encourage everyone to enjoy multiple doses of musical medicine while they move. If you enjoy your workout, it’s more likely to become a sustainable habit. To experience the most enjoyment while you’re exercising, the music you listen to should enhance your mood and uplift your energy.
Here are a few of my favorite upbeat songs to get you grooving your way through your workouts this year. Hopefully, you'll feel transported and inspired to keep your workout promises all the way to spring.

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