The Lazy-Girl Makeup Guide: 7 Foxy Looks

You know those decluttering stories in magazines that tell you to "edit your beauty products down to only what you use on a daily basis"? Yeah, we hate them, too. We love our crazy happy jumble of impractical beauty products — even if they are killing our feng shui a bit.
That being said, even the makeup maximalist can find herself in situations where, say, she needs to create a date-night-ready eye with only an eyeliner or an entire face with only a lipstick — and, in these situations, it makes sense to make like a Boy Girl Scout and be prepared.
That's where we, along with our makeup-genius buddy Bethany Brill, come in. We picked five products — mascara, green eyeliner, highlighter, brown eyeshadow, and a red lip crayon — and challenged Brill to come up with seven totally different, totally striking new looks. And, oh, did she deliver.
So, if it's never occurred to you to use powder highlighter as lipstick or brown eyeshadow as blush (it's awesome, seriously!) read ahead to learn how to make the most of your favorite products. And, if this story does inspire you to go all minimalist with your makeup, well...make sure to send us your castoffs.

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