Back To Basics: Master Your Squat

We talk about butts quite a bit here at R29. Our own, our coworkers', Beyoncé's...the list just goes on and on. Booty envy is alive and well around here — so much so that (at least) one of us has made her behind the topic of her New Year's resolution. But, how exactly do you build a better butt?
Turns out, there's an easy secret — and it's one of the oldest tricks in the book. A good old-fashioned squat, when done properly, can work wonders on the booty. This handy little move builds muscle and tones what you have for a more pronounced shape, and there's no special equipment required. We're sold. We asked pro personal trainer Jessi Kneeland from Peak Performance NYC to set us straight on how to do a real, no-cheating squat. Click through to learn how. Zimmermann Tank; Shorts, Stylist's Own; Nike Roshe Run Sneakers, $90, available at Nike.
Photographed by Aliya Naumoff.
Modeled by Cyndi Ramirez; Hair and Make Up by Heather Heiman; Styled by Jen Steele

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