10 Tips To Dressing Like A French Girl

The term "French style" gets bandied about a lot, but we think it needs a bit of a qualifier. Though there's a pretty specific sort of aesthetic that people associate with the look — a mix of rock-'n'-roll leather, New Wave prep, and provincial stripes — to us, "French style" is about as français as French fries. After all, Jane Birkin was British.
What is a fact is the style — whatever you call it — is on point. It's flattering, it's endlessly versatile, and it's a delightful combination of garçon and fille. Plus, the staple pieces of the French femme wardrobe can be mixed and matched in so many variations that work for a multitude of occasions, you truly get the most bang for your buck. But, don't think it's all about throwing on a bateau top and calling it a day. Ahead, we're taking a look at 10 modern-day French style icons to glean a little intel on the outfit tips you need to get that certain Parisian poise. Très chic, non?

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